Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last email ever in USA

Hey everybody,
This is my last letter. Can you believe it? I have mixed emotions about leaving. They are: scared out of my mind, nervous, excited, sad, tired and happy. Mostly tired though. Except I got a whole 8 hours of sleep last night. I took the pm pills and slept in Kaitlyn Brunsdale's room because they don't snore and I feel a lot better.  This morning we went to the temple and did a session, and I fell asleep!! I have never fallen asleep in the temple! Anyway, it was good. I kept thinking next time I am in a temple I will be surrounded my awesome philippino's! yay baby.
We had in field orientation yesterday. K so funny. They have these District videos that we watch like everyday. They are on the computers in our rooms so for like Personal study, we'll watch the episodes. They are filmed in San Diego and its of a District of missionaries and real investigators and REAL senarios. hah so for in field our instructors were the cast of the District. They are like celebrity's here! haha so funny. I was kind of freaking out. It's so funny cause on the clips it will say, ""next time on the district or "previously on the district". We get so into them! hahah so does every missionary here. That's our reality tv for the mtc. We even discuss/laugh about it at lunch and dinner. These things are funny to me now. OMG!
But in field was pretty boring. I was around fun people so that was fun! it was all day so it got a little boring. They just talked about things we'll need to know out in the field.
Okay so the last 2 weeks we have done NOTHING in class but talk all about the philippines with our teachers. SO fun!! While we were looking at pictures, i had tears in my eyes. Tears cause I was excited? Tears cause I just couldn't wait to get out there? no. not at all. Tears of "why the heck am I going somewhere where they don't have showers and toilet paper". My teacher had horrible pics. Like of a dog's head that they were cooking and eating...WHAT THE!! poor dog. Or a frog head getting cut off. So after, my teacher looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I just started bawling. haha poor brother itri. I was like whyyyyyyyy am i going there? He was so nice and just gave me a pep talk. I feel like i will be crying a lot in the next 16 months. Hah oh well it's an adventure!
we had to do an assessment language test before we go, and its where they give you a senario and you just speak into a microphone in tagalog. it was so scary but after i felt find and then my teacher pulled me a side the other day and told me how much i have improved and how well i am doing. he is so sweet!
I am packing all day today and then tomorrow is the last Sunday in the mtc. My district is singing in sacrament. good luck to us. our elders are tone deaf.
I woke up cold the other night, and thought to myself  "i will never wake up cold for the next 16 months" 
I have heard that the philippines is just crazy. People go there and think "thank good ness for america" i am so excited to experience for myself!  
Dad we hear the food is sooo good in the philippines! everyone says the rice is so good!  So stop telling me I will have nasty food out there. haha
I couldn't be more excited to call you guys Tuesday!! I am sorry I dont want you at the airport. I will just get too homesick and just want to go home if I see my family! but you are welcome to go to the temple and see me. last temple walk i wanted to see one of our cars so bad! but if you go dont let me see you!!
Anyways, I will tell you more on Tuesday! I am going to enjoy my last couple of days with air conditioning, showers, toilet paper, cute clothes and gross cafeteria food!
I love being on a mission so far! its great and I always feel so happy and beautiful! thanks for all the prayers people! they are working :)
love you all!
mahal kita
Sister Shelby Curtis