Friday, March 2, 2012


kumusta po kayo pamilya,
Ahhhh I got my travel plans! So exciting. Salt lake, to San Fransico, to HONG KONG, and then to Manilla. Awesome huh? There were like a million missionaries in the post office yesterday all screaming and jumping. I was one of them Thank you. then i showed the whole cafeteria! haha
OOKKKAYYYY so on Tuesday night..we had ELDER HOLLAND!! ahhhhhhhh. it was amazing. he was amazing. He is the best speaker. Did he have any notes? No. Only his scriptures and the spirit! i feel really cool that i have seen an apostle speak 3 times. yay baby. The perks of being here for 9 weeks. Crazy that its been 8 right? I never thought March would come..and its here!! So awesome.
Really scared to leave though, i am leaving USA for 16 months of my life! Haha
Excited to meet my mission president! and SO EXCITED to call my family!!!! 7 hour layover in san fran so the whole family better be there so i can talk to them! Including liv and Owey!
This week we have in field orientation..I am way excited. We got a schedule the first day that had our 9 weeks and i remember looking at the ninth week and being like in field will NEVER come. and it is. So awesome. its all dayyyyyy. I have no idea what it is though!
So remember Elder Tonga that wanted my email last week? Haha he came up to me on Monday and was like, "sister cur dis sisder cur dis, I have been looking everywhere for you" he told me he had a present for me. So he pulls out this Tonga shirt thats 3 sizes my size and told me i can have it! Isn't that so sweet?? Haha a girl from Tonga said those shirts are $72 she doesnt have one cause they are too expensive! So its pretty awesome. My teacher told me it was bawal which means forbidden! haha thats all my teachers ever say "bawal bawal."
My cute companion got delayed 3 weeks because of her knee. When she told me in the drs office last week, I cried. Like kind of public when all these random people kept saying hi to us cause we are the cutest sister missionaries they have ever seen.  She hurt it playing foursquare so she hasn't played in a while, but then last night i told her to play (cause all she talks about it foursquare) cause she was getting surgery anyway today haha and she did and she jammed her pointer finger. Poor girl can't catch a break.
so while we were waiting for Sis A to be taken into surgery (she looked hilarious in the bed with that hat thing on i totally took so many pictures of her & i pretty much climbed on her to take one of both of us) we were talking about wedding rings..when we are in the real world we talk about worldly things haha anyway so sis a goes, "I don't care if my husband gets me a ring when he proposes, it could be an onion ring for all i care, you know like from Burger King..I love burger king's onion rings" then we had a long convo about onion rings hahahahah i was crying i was laughing so hard. sooo funny. She is hilarious. I still eat salad every meal and so the Elder's make fun of me and Sis A always has my back and says stuff like, "have you seen this girl eat...don't worry this girl can eat" haha thank you.
I am starting to pack this week how cool huh!! & I am the travel leader for my If we end up in Italy or something it's my fault.
I had to, I mean I GOT to host this week. I welcomed a new sister and took her everywhere just like my host did my first day. Fresh meat. Hosting is hard work, i had to like carry all her 100 lbs bags and ALL her books by the end i was sweating! sheesh. and I GET to do it next week too. ugh.
stop complaining shelby.
K so ONE MORE WEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! AHHHHHH. hindi kami mamamatai sa philippinas-that means i will not die in the philippines. i say that to myself about 50 times a day.
Last night at trc i spoke a lot in english woops and then after i said something like, ughhhh i suck at tagalog!
don't worry, my companion started crying to me and told me how she hates that i don't have any faith in myself. how cute huh? i just hugged her and said, sister aoina i usually don't suck at things! then i said, don't worry i'm usually never this humble either. haha but its hard and i guess i am hard on myself but its hard cause she is sooooo good! oh well. i'll get there!  
i should go! gotta go get my comps prescription! thank you for everything mom, dad and family! i love you all! can't wait to talk to you in a little :)
Alam ko po na totoo po ang simbahan ni Jesucrito at buhay po ang Diyos!
mahal kita
Sister Shelby Curtis