Monday, June 25, 2012

This is Hard

hey everyone,
sister curtis here. i really dont have a lot to say so its going to be really random.
so sometimes i can understand people, like people will speak tagalog to me (you know that crazy language) and i can understand and talk back. its rare, but sometimes i think wow! i understood. proud moment for you mama.
i think i am in my gethsemane point of my mission. i dont know how to spell that. but its like umm really hard, and exhausting, and tiring and i feel like i will be in asia forever. k happy i could get that out.
a mission is really hard. spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.
last night as us four were riding on a tricycle the tric has to go up a huge hill and everytime we ride home i always think, "this tricycle will not make it" and it usually does. well last night i said it outloud as i was riding on the back hahaha with no seatbelt (dad don't freak out) and the driver couldnt really make it up the hill so he turns the steerling wheel and we go on 2 wheels and we almost fell over. but don't worry we just got off and walked up and we were fine.
people here don't get married til old and there are so many cute single girls here that need husbands, so i tell them they can all marry brett. and they all say "does he like philippina women" and i just say yes! so brett you have a million ladies here if you want them. they are all going to add you on facebook. Ha
i am getting my hair cut today cause it is too long. i have never said that in my life. my trainer told me the promised blessing of hard work is having your hair grow and its true! i love blessings!
we had zone conference last week and it was so fun! i loved it. i looked around the room and there were like 30 missionaries and i just felt so strong as we were all in the same place with one purpose, to do the lord's work. its a cool experience when you are apart of it. even though this has been the hardest 5 months of my life, its truely rewarding when you have amazing experiences or when you help people. i love it and grateful for all that's come my way.
love you all a ton!
sis curtis

Monday, June 18, 2012


okay i am so popular. i got a million emails on the day that i have no time. good job guys! but i will email everyone back next week.
okay can i say how much i love my companion? she is the best and she is helping me SO MUCH. i taught 4 out of the 6 lessons one day. ya ME! I have never done that before. i didnt feel like a worthless missionary and felt like i was helping people YES!

so on the 12 of june it was the philippine's independence day. i kept saying happy 4th of july! haha no one gets my jokes here. i am teaching the philippines how sarcasm works cause they dont get it.

mom! the little green toys you sent me to give to the kids ya know? i gave them to them and they all were sooo happy! they loved them!! they took like these leaf things and tied them around their neck! i'll send you pics.

there is an part of my area that is a mountain. we have to do it 3 times a week. up there people don't live in civilization. as in, dirt floors what the! its like what you expect. its cool cause no other sisters area is like that! but no one speaks english there. so my tagalog is getting better yay!

happy birthday dad i can't remember how old you are-cause you are old. but happy birthday don't get too old in the next year!

so here's a funny story for ya' we participated in choir. so hilarious ok. it was our ward conference yesterday so we had a special musical number. well ALL the girls wore red shirts and black skirts. we all looked the same. and all sat in the first two rows on the floor so we could stand up in the front and sing. well  was in the DEAD center. cause i am the tallest! what the i am short in america! anyway, i had to stand up first to get my position then everyone else followed. well in our church we dont have any air con so every sunday i fall asleep cause i am so tired, hot and bored cause i cant understand remember. so i fell asleep and heard brother vicher say "now we will have a musical number by our choir" yep. thats my cue. so i fix my hair, wipe my drool (not really just said that for exaggeration) and stand up. everyone is saying to me "go sister curtis go" haha SOOOO embarrassing. oh well then we sang and we did fine. but hilarious.

if i had one peso for everytime i heard "teach me how to duggy" or however you spell it i would be a millionarie. haha i dance everytime i hear that song. i miss music. everyone listen to cool music for me.
we have zone conference this week! i am so excited i love zone conferences! i remember thinking at my first one, wow the next one i'll be out almost 6 months! haha so cool.

i am doing so good here. i love being a missionary! it's so fun. everyday is so fun and exciting. my life will never be this crazy again, i hope. but i love these people people! i love them so much!! time is going by so fast. i realized i only have 12 more months-and i DONT KNOW THIS LANGUAGE!!! girls get screwed cause we only get 18months to learn a language and hello 5 of mine ARE GONE!! i am stressed. so stressed that my nice zone leader asked how i was doing and i just started crying cause i cant speak in tagalog. then he kept speaking tagalog to me-remember that is why i am criyng elder! then i went to the bathroom cause i didnt want anyone to notice and all these cute philippino missionaries were outside waiting to comfort me. how sweet huh? yes i cry all the time. i want to understand these people so bad and talk to them. everyone who is in america or speaking english count your blessings!!

thats it.
love ya'll  <--in remembrance of my texan  boyfriend
sis c

ohhh good job mom running ragnar and all those cute ladies in our ward!! you guys are so cute! and dad for doing triathalons and other things. my parents are in better shape than me cool. love you!

Monday, June 11, 2012



I really don't know what to say this email. Usually,  I am super prepared & organized and I write down things that I want to say, but this week was fast and feels like i emailed you all 5 minutes ago.

love my new companion. she is helping me with the language a lot. i kind of feel REALLY spoiled on my mission. i have had THEEEEE best comps. Oh no, the trial companions will probably come soon. pray for me. our new zone is fine..kind of boring. like i kind of want to die cause they all speak in tagalog and laugh and i can't understand. me and another elder are the only american's so we just talk all the time.

i got some new skits from UKAY UKAY its like D.I. but way more ghetto. all the philippina's get their skirts there. i got theeee cutest skirts that don't make me look frumpy! Anyway, i was getting ready and my companion's told me "sister curtis you are too skinny, you need to gain weight-that's not sexy" HA. Umm YES! here, girls want to be chubby not skinny, like all the models are chubby here! so funny. but i was so happy. my roomie said to me, i will show you how to gain weight. umm no thanks! i think i am sexy. haha. i am still a missionary, still a missionary.

shoot, what else? okay one of my kabahay's (roommates), the sister i live with. she is kind of the best. she speaks the most hilarious english ever. i am helping them with all their english. anyway, she speaks english to me sometimes. last night she plucked my eyebrows for me and we talked about my love life. best thing ever. then she told me "sister curtis don't get married to young cause the rice is so expensive" HAHAHHAHAHAHAH i was crying i was laughing so hard. but she said it in tagalog and its ten times more funny in tagalog. oh my gosh.

I have the best Dad in the world. Happy Father's Day! I just love you and so grateful for you. I respect you ten times more being out here on a mission. Haha. it's true. You are the best DAD!

that's it. love you all X 10. & i love this gospel. My Heavenly Father has given me so many blessing the last 5 months of my mission. Everyone count your blessings. Name them one by one. Jk. But seriously, I love this work its so hard, hot and exhausting but the experience i am having here its indescribable.
sis C

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frizzy hair & I don't care

I am staying in cogeo! WOOOOO!!!! I will be getting a new comp tomorrow at transfer day! Excited. My first Zone Leader is now the AP and we saw them yesterday and i said "elder waite you better take care of me" cause he is my lolo (grandpa in the mission) and he said, "dont worry you will like your new companion-i know her and she's nice" YES! Thank you.

BUTTTT now we are four in Cogeo. Ugh. I don't like that. I knew things would change. I am super spoiled here. There are two rooms in our apartment and so i use one closet and sis O uses one. So I knew i had things too good with my own room pretty much! Anyway, I don't care I just PRAY I get a good comp.

just so everyone knows, parker and i have been together for 2 years. On June 1. He's the greatest. Just so everyone who reads this knows.

So, I had my first "what the crap is this meat I don't want to ask" experience and guess what it was?? LIVER. And I liked it. I didn't know until after we went home.

okay so my cute companion, it was her birthday on june 2 so we went out to eat and she bought. here if its your birthday the birthday person treats! gay right? anyway, i was fine with it. i asked her what her favorite present she ever got was. GUESS WHAT SHE SAID? I am thinking she will say, a pretty outfit, or diamonds, or a car, or something cool. she said, "one birthday i got 3 roses from my dad" uhhhhhhh the sweetest thing i have ever heard! thats how great these people are here. her first name is ella mae and i am going to name my little girl ella after her! haha

another story with my comp. ha so funny. so the other night we were walking to our apartment and there was this fried chicken stand (they're everywhere) and it smelled so good. I turned to her and said "have you ever made fried chicken, do you like fried chicken, then i asked her 4 other questions about fried chicken because thats how us curtis girls do. we ask a million questions. my companion had no idea what i was talking about cause she doesnt understand my english and said "fried chicken? where?" HA! i just laughed. it was funny then, when we are exhausted and all sweaty and stuff ya know?

i found PREGO! ya know the spaghetti sauce?? i made american spaghetti for my companion! here there spaghetti is sweet and nasty and i dont like it, but my companion liked it!

last p-day we went to the mall and i saw THEEEE cutest ray bans of my life. don't worry 7,000 Pesos. But i did not want to take them off. i said everyone "parker would tell me to buy these" i need to stop going into malls they make me go crazy. PS mom when we come back you will love these stores. all the clothes ARE SOOO CUTE! you would die mom. and they are cheap!!

so we turned half of our area over to another area so we had to work with those elders and show them all around that area and have them meet the LA's and investigators. i was SO stressed out. the elders were one american whose tagalog is perfect and a philippino. i was just nervous about my tagalog. so the first lesson, the elders share a message then turn to my companion to have her testify, she does beautifully, then she looks at me. and i forget every word of taglog. this is what i said "i know..that the church of jesus christ is true. NICE shelb. oh my gosh. after i stopped stressing i kept talking more and more in tagalog and the american elder said "sister curtis your tagalog is actually good" YES!!! best moment of my life. thank you.

well, its my last day as a trainee. WOO! i made it 12 weeks. the first week i didn't think i would make it 2 weeks. and i did! success. pray for my new companion! i love you family!!!