Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I have been saying that all day everyday. My comp keeps saying, "hey sister curtis, when is your birthday again?" Haha! I am SO EXCITED! Why? Because it is the only birthday in the Philippines, on my mission, in Asia, 22, as a missionary, etc. PLUS! Philippino's LOOOOVVVEEEE birthdays. As in, anytime of the year, every appointment they ask, "when is your birthday?" so finally i can say THIS WEEK! we have appointments like everyday. super excited. my waist line isn't but i am! haha
i got the best package from my mom! thanks mom for the jump rope, starting january i will start working out! haha i will bake the cake this week! i have to go somewhere to cook it, we had to think really hard somewhere and someone who had an oven. crazy right? we don't have ovens. but there is a way! at the richest member's house!
so we were at this less active's house and i asked the 24 year old boy where my birthday present was and he said "what do you want? a date? okay let's go on a date!" HAHA! he was dead serious. I was shocked. My companion was like.."uhh awkward because I would have to go with you." Then he was like, "ok ok both of you" WEEEEIRRRD. We are missionaries. Hellllo. But so funny. That's definately a first time I have been asked out on a date on my mission.
TRansfer day was maybe the best day of my life. I saw so many of all my mission friends! There are alot of new missionaries that came into our mission. I have been waiting for this transfer MY WHOLE MISSION! DECEMBER!!! I am soooo excited!! We have activities every single weeeeeek! I am so excited. Every day I tell my comp how excited i am. its so weird though I feel like there should be snow, but it's so hot every day still!

our new zone leaders bought me two cakes for my birthday for my zone!! so nice of them. then my zone sang me happy birthday like a million times. see, philippino's loveeee birthdays. our zone has 8 sisters. i repeat. 8!!! our opening song in district meeting was "as sisters in zion" so funny. I love my area still even though its SO HARD!! I really am trying to enjoy this transfer because I think i will train next transfer...nooooo. i don't waaaannnntttt to!!
I am so grateful for this mission! I am so grateful for the Philippines. It's such a wonderful place to serve!! I hope everyone has a happy last week of November, think of me on December 1st. Haha! ;)
love you all,
Sister Curtis