Monday, December 10, 2012

CTR- Cook the Rice

Merry Christmas Family,

it is just barely starting to feel like Christmas here in the Philippines, because we just got snow! Just kidding. I wish.

This past week was so hard. We worked maybe a total of 4 hours due to my migraines, i had orders to rest. AND all i have been eating is salad cause my companion is a health freak and she put me on a cleanse. Ha i am skinny now :) no rice. i actually miss rice. i CRAVE rice! Funny right??? So me and my comp kind of went crazy sitting in our house all week, but it was fine! Thank you David Archuleta's Christmas CD! haha. but we are still alive.

yesterday, we had church and after the ysa and youth combined are preparing a musical number for next weeks sacrament meeting. two songs. well, my comp because she is so great, is the pianist so i just sit there and listen to these poor kids try and sing. well, their chorister will be out of town next week so they needed a new chorister. they all picked me. remember how i can't sing? but remember how my mom is Karen Curtis and she is like the best chorister ever? like mother like daughter. so pretty much me and my companion kept yelling at them and cheering them on and jumping up and down and going crazy. they sound SO much better :) then of course i put them into a good formation and told them, "always remember kids, if everything else fails we all still have our looks" they liked that! haha so funny.

after church we went to the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. SO good. Did anyone go to that last week? Or watch it? It was great!! I loved all three of our Prophets messages. About being good gift receivers, sharing the gift of the gospel, the spirit of Christmas, families, the Savior. I loved what President Monson said how we all get so "distracted" in this season with buying gifts, activities etc. But we should be the opposite. We should be focused on the Savior and His gift to all of us. I am so grateful for His wonderful gift to me. I love this time of year especially as a missionary, I get to share about Jesus Christ and all that He did for us.

We taught an English class for the first time, that was the hardest thing ever. English is the hardest language ever! I taught English in a different language. Cool right? but hopefully we can get more investigators from it and help these cute filippino's learn English and get them out of poverty! if they know English their chances of getting out of poverty are way higher. that's my goal. ha

I hope everyone remembers in their busy season Jesus Christ and His perfect gift to us! Enjoy the beautiful snow while I enjoy palm trees and coconuts :) I love you all!