Friday, February 24, 2012

3 Weeks Left in the MTC!

Oh my goodness. What a week. Our zone officially all hard saying bye! I still miss them. We had 40 new philippines missionaries come in Wednesday. So crazy..we could only speak Tagalog to them and it was so hard. We got 7 new sisters in our zone.

The other morning I opened my eyes and saw sister Aoina's face right in front of me. haha she didn't say one word just staring at me waiting for me to get up. So funny! She has been fiesty lately and it's amazing. She sticks up for me &  has my back. She is teaching me how to be a polynesian. The other day some elder's cut me in line and she goes, "hey excuse me you just cut in front of her we were here first" haha soooo awesome. Just now she said "tell your mom I am proud of her for quitting her job!" So she is proud of you mom..haha btw so am I!

I saw TY FLYNN! Tell the Brevard's! My future bro in law. It was good to see a familiar face, I wanted to hug him though! I told his district they have the best teacher ever and he is my bro in law.

Things here have been soo good. I am getting so sad I only have 3 weeks left is that weird? Everyone is excited but I have LOVED the mtc. It's so fun. I make it fun! I am freaked out of my mind about the Philippines...It's not good. Last night my teacher gave me a little pep talk and a "you can do it sister curtis". I felt a lot better. I got in a scared mood because you know that little island thats included in my mission off the philippines? well sisters were forbidden to go there, but i talked to someone last night that just got home from the philippines in december and he said they changed the rules now and sisters are allowed to go there!! AHHHHH!!! Sis A goes, they must have remembered I was coming, and i said, "did they FORGET I was coming?" OMG. So my teacher made me feel better. I kept asking him "bother Itri WHY am I going to the philippines?" He would just laugh! haha I need to just have faith in the Lord! He will take care of me!

Ty said I look ready. At least I look ready, cause I don't feel it! My tagalog is horrible people!! I am going to be mute for 6 months out there! Next Thursday we get our flight plans, so then I'll know the times and I will let you know mom!

Anyways, teaching has been hard. I feel like I am not progressing with the language. It's hard, then I just look at the newbies and feel A LOT better about my tagalog ;) I helped them yesterday and I felt really awesome. I am not as bad as I think!

I will be sad without Kaitlyn next door to me. We will probably cry. K I am done talking about leaving.


anyways, I loved the clothes mom!! YAY!! Everyone was jealous! They are so so cute. I told them my mom is a fashionista so I am so lucky!

Is Dad really coming to the Philippines? Cause that would be amazing if he really was!! please do.

weird things that happened to me today: this tongan elder came up to me yesterday at lunch his name is Elder Tonga  haha go figure and he was like, "how do you say I love you in tagalog" haha and i told him mahal kita and he said "can I have your email?" haha and i was like sure..he could barely speak english. Everyone was like staring at us. I was just laughing so hard and then he was like "i am going to say mahal kita at the end of my email to you" okay so random? haha pretty sure that behavior is forbidden in the mtc

then this random elder started talking to us and asked where we were going on our missions and i said philippines and i am learning tagalog and he said "how do you say, you have nice hair in tagalog?" hahah i had no idea so now whenever he sees me he says "you have nice hair" in the fastest weirdest way i have ever heard someone say that. soooo funny!! k am i so weird that i laugh at these weird, most random things? i am such a freakk people!

Well, I am loving my time here so much! I just love love love my companion. She has really helped me. In our first companionship inventory she told me I need to be humbled and stop being so selfish. I am now so grateful she told me that! I feel like that has changed my purpose here and our companionship a ton. Who knew I wasn't humble or self less? Ha ha jk. You learn a lot about your self when you are on a mission. I am way grateful for that! I feel like I am starting to loose myself in this work and find myself at the same time.  Tell bryceee man to get excited, I think about him a lot here! I just love him! Tell him to at least email me!!

I love you all!! Write me for the last 2 weeks cause in the PINES i won't get anythang! ha ha everyone read your scripts and say your prayers :)
Sis Curtis