Monday, August 20, 2012


Yes. I cooked. without an oven, crock pot or microwave. SUCCESS!! I cooked eggplant. who knew eggplant was a vegatable not just Kallie's wedding color. HA. it was so good. THEN I cooked a rice topping that was yummy and creamy. and i learned how to like cut vegies and stuff. WHAT THE! Thank you mission. its honestly saving my life. haha me and sis wells made no bake cookies and i kind of wanted to cry because they tasted so good!!

this week was so good. so fast. sheesh. next week is transfer day. What the. in church i just laid my head on my comp telling her don't leave me. its so sad. she is going home. but i think she is in denial. she always tells me "its far sister curtis" umm no its not sister segovs! its days away. but it doesn't make me want to come home at all. I am loving it here. the floods are still crazy i guess. who knows i am isolated in this area and have no idea whats going on. the senior couples in our branch update us on normal life. but i can't remember anything. yes mom about the new borne movie! don't worry thats what EVERYONE talks about here. its in the city of marikina. PART OF MY MISSION! they filmed it there because its suuupppeeerrr busy there. but yeah thats what my mission looks like i guess. haven't seen the movie but every philippino is so proud! ha maybe i will be assigned there. hope not. i'd rather be in province forever.

about living here. now do you realize how hard it was for me the first week? but now it just seems normal. its hard to live here but i love it so its fine. seriously, every weird thing just seems normal.

example: one day we were sitting on a jeepney going to a really far part of our area and there was so much construction. i literally saw (this is not a joke) a guy who was like 25 or so "wasting" on the sidewalk. as in going to the bathroom, but not standing up peeing. yes it was normal. people walked by and didn't even care. and its just normal. i told my zone and they all just shrugged it off. like that. that happens in the states right? hahahaha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!!!!!!!  i miss and love you! i can't believe you are 2 years old!!!

this week we have zone interviews. i am excited, the pres and ap's come to our church with our zone and we all bring rice toppings and pres interviews us and then usually sister delamare works with a sister couple. i think she may work with us since my comp is going home. its fine! what else. i can't remember.

OHHHH. okay so we did a service project for this investigator. she lives in a tree. like her house is connected to a tree with wood and like nothing else. so sad. she has dirt floors and she lives in dirt. so we told her we would help her wash her clothes. by hand of course. these philippina women do all the laundry of the family. the kids don't help. thats just not the culture. if they get in trouble which is never cause their is no discipline here then that's what they do but we only did this women's children's clothing and only washed them and it took us 3 hours and their were TWO of us. my hands started hurting really bad, but i kept doing it. i just felt so good the whole time. my comp was telling me aobut her mom and how her hands would bleed but she would keep going. 5 minutes later my hands started bleeding. the tops of my fingers were red and stinging really bad. when we were done, and went home i realized how bad they were. AH! i laid in my bed that night crying cause they hurt so bad. i wore band aids on each finger for four days!! now they are a little better but i couldn't do anything sheesh with out hands. i was the chorister in relief society and everyone gasped when they saw my hands! i will show you in pictures next week! be grateful you don't have to do that!!

well i think that's it for now! i love you all. i am having such an incredible time here on my mission. i love it. just so everyone knows some missionaries in our zone just played "spoons" the card game but we played it with our name tags, and i won. thank you.
the church is true. love you all!

Sister Curtis