Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She's Been Out 7 Months!!!

Zone Interviews
our church got CARPET!!!!!! i havent felt carpet in so long so we all sat on the floor for our district meeting with no shoes of course!!
Im sorry parker. I have to wear these ugly things to protect my legs!!!!! so ooooo ugly. sister weller made fun of me!
My dinner: Fresh Banana Shake on the right!

Our zone
 I got my first pedicure and during our district meeting I got up and showed everyone my new pedicure. Thats my district leader! haha he took a pic of it and sent it to his mom and said "this sister got up in the middle of my workshop to show us her pedicure" haha yessss love it.

Mother's Note: I love the pedicure picture. It's great to know that Shelby is STILL Shelby!