Monday, August 6, 2012

august? whaaaaat

hello po!

how is it going? my week was good. full of 4 scared sisters in one scary house. so lots of priesthood blessings from our zone leaders, prayers, and lots of laughs about what happened to us. i wrote every detail down in my journal and i told sister weller the cute american companion i am going to tell everyone about it at cheesecake factory one day when i get home! hahaha. it was fast sunday when i told her that. ha

i am doing really good! just got back from playing philippino games in the pouring rain with some of our zone so fun! philippino games are so fun-then you put in some american intense elders and it gets crazy cause philippino's are not competitive. ha anyway, so fun. then we all went to jollybee. so gross! oh well so fun. so i am soaking right now cold in this computer shop.

we got these senior couples in our area now and they are super young cause they want to do 5 missions so they decided to start now. so they are as young as my parents..ya i just said young. anyway, theyyy areeeee crrraaazzzzy. SO awesome!!! they work with us sometimes so one day after they worked with us they took us out to eat (free FOOD) and we saw some foreigners) they looked like action heros. they had muscles and were like over 5 feet tall and i told the senior couple, why are they so big? and then said, sister curtis you have been in the philippines looking at tiny men for too long. they are normal looking! good news for you will look so muscly when i get home ;)

mom i love the cards you send me. i open them up like grandpa opens his cards up to see if there is ever cash in it. and then i get really disappointed! haha but i still love them ;) i have gotten every letter and package i am pretty sure. yay for safe mail.

i fasted saturday lunch-sunday lunch. 24 hours. first time in my life i have ever fasted for that long i know that is bad but it was such a spiritual experience. i prayed really hard i would have strength to climb mountains literally, ha with no food or water and it totally worked. fasting was super effective for our work and we had so many less active families come to church yesterday!! we were soo happy. fasting seriously is so great. i love the constant testimonies i am getting through out my mission.

our work is going really great! i am loving this area. we have this investigator who is literally chosen by God. ha honestly. we gave her the commitment to read the plan of salvation pamphlet so we could talk about it next visit. so we asked her if she read it and what she learned or understood and she explained the whole plan for us. honestly i couldnt understand her but she just kept talking and talking and then my comp goes..Exacto and then i knew..whoa. she's right! haha but yeah she's amazing.

what else. this is super long sorry i think i will start doing mass emails every people care about what i have to say anymore? i remember geting mass emails from people and i just deleted them! haha anyway! love you all soooo much. have a wonderful last couple of weeks of summer. what the! where did your summer go? fastest summer of my life. love you all!!

grandma and grandpa write me! & bryce.