Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween From the Philippines!

Hello everyone,

we just had a halloween party in our district meeting, super fun.
things are going great here. me and my companion are having so much fun, all we do is laugh. we will be friends forever! i told her i will come to her homecoming and her wedding shower and baby shower ;) so yep. friends forever.
its super hot here. i hear its snowing there, i cant even believe that. suppper happy i am not in utah and its snowing! i would rather be here in the sun.
we met some really cool people they are our "barcada" that means like peeps, homies, or group of friends haha and they are kind of so cool. but living in sin. they are two couples all living together but one is less active and the other are really interested. well, we have been teaching them and last night we went over there to just say hi cause the less active CAME TO CHURCH! we were stunned. he hasnt come to church in yearrrrs people. well we ate dinner over there and laughed for like an hour straight. they just laugh at our tagalog. i am pretty sure if we were fluent in our tagalog we wouldn't be funny. but sad news is they are moving and so that was our last visit with our homies. my comp is hilarious. i wrote all the funny things in my journal. haha
yesterday, we went to our less active's house and my companion prepared me because he has cancer and two tumors in his neck so its really sad. i thought i would be fine. well we walk in and he is laying down (obviously they are very poor) and can barely speak, but excited to see us. we asked if we could just sing a hymn and leave a prayer because he isn't feeling well. we sand "the spirit of god" and then i asked who he wanted to give the prayer and he said me, so i started praying and just fell apart. i could not keep my tears in. i thought about my mother who battled breast cancer and how she was so "comfortable". people brought us food, we had enough money to pay for things, and the ward was so amazing to us and this poor man who's kids are acting like they don't care and his wife is yelling at him is in so much pain! i hate to see people in so much pain and i can't do anything. the whole time i was praying i thought about my mother. then i had the impression to share to them. we shared about faith, honestly that is all they have right now, is their faith. i just bawled and bawled through out the lesson. we got out and my thoughts were so mixed! i told my companion, "i know how he feels, well i don't know but my mom would tell us how she felt when she was going through all of that and its so hard" i can do any sickness, but cancer. that hits home.

things are going great here in Asia. i love you all and hope you all have a wonderful halloween!! stay safe.
Sister Curtis