Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life's Always Changing!

hello family!

I am getting transfered. We played a game where people had to act out people who were getting transfered and one of the elders put his hands on his hips and was all sassy and everyone yells, "CURRRTTTSSSS!" And then i cried. Honestly, I AM SHOCKED!!!

So we'll see where the Lord wants me to go.

SOOOO YESS! I heard the news of General Conference. I am shocked now that elders can go when they are 18 and girls at 19. All in All, I am super happy I went at 21. :) But President sent us all a text sunday morning and I can just imagine all the people who are applying. Yay for missionary work, no one can stop this! I am so happy I chose to serve a mission! Honestly, especially right now as it is on fire! ha

ahh i feel like i have so much to say my heart is like beating so fast. ha ha

I am jealous you all got to see general conference. i will watch it this week and really excited :)

so i kind of got the BESTTTT PACKAGE EVER for my half way mark. I can't believe it is here. i am growing up in my mission i cant believe it!! Thank you soo much for all of my "support" back at home! I loved the letters. I cried as i read them. Don't worry, sis. cope filmed it so you can see it soon ;) thank you karen scott for my cd and package! you are the best!! :) my mission is going too fast now. third area and 6th transfer tomorrow. can't believe it. I love it. I love it!! I realized i am in the middle of my mission. ITS THE BEST PLACE TO BE. Co-senior companions, just having fun, no stress ;) i need to enjoy this time. I remember Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in July about how we are all in the middle. No matter how old we are. I love being in the middle of my mission!

i realized i am in the best place for a mission. Why? because nothing is illegal here!! haha we can do anything and there are no laws. So fun!! I wouldn't change coming to the philippines for anything!!

I can't believe i am half way. I love my mission so much. I love this Gospel and these people and the philippines and my Savior and everything else :) I am so grateful for my life. My president wrote me and said, "sister curtis relax and enjoy the ride" so another change, another adventure (right dad) love you all

God Speed,
sister curtis