Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Family,

This week was super fast. We had zone conference on thursday. Got up at 4 am and didn't get back til 6 pm. Then went out and worked from 630-9 pm. You have no time on a mission for anything. My voice has been gone this whole transfer. I think it is telling me I am exhausted but it's okay. I sound like a boy but whatever. At zone conference, president told us we have a million sisters coming in from oct-feb so he looked straight at me and said "get ready to train" uhh. Shoot.

One thing i loved what President said a couple of months ago was, "The Lord knows your time table" so true. I keep telling myself. When the Lord wants me to be fluent in Tagalog, I will be. Anyway, next week is transfers. So crazy. I love this area so I don't want to leave, but whatever happens, happens! I kind of hate how i dont know what is going to happen or if i will ever see these people again! :(

Saturday we had "family day" it was the whole stake and we got to go for 2 hours. from the minute i walked into the stake center i was so overwhelmed. Only in the Philippines you walk into the church and music is blasting and there are so many people, food and craziness. ALLLLLL I wanted to do was dance. Everyone was dancing. (so i did a little with our investigators kids, of course the little girls) Our whole zone was there so i told my zone leaders "i am going to dance because it doesnt say you cant in the white handbook" ha ha.

We have the most amazing investigator Laarnie and we just extended a bap date for her and she said YESSS so fast like she didnt even let us finish our question haha. I love her! her baptism is set for November 3. I hope i am still here.
We had a baptism on Saturday for our investigator Ellen. She is the BESSSTTT! I have taught her from the beginning to the end so it was special. I love her so much! Let's face it, I love all these people!
Funny story, at the baptism while she was getting re-dressed i was the chorister and we just sang songs til she came back in and my mind was completely off of singing and the song was done and oh don't worry i started singing the 3 line again. and everyone just laughed. i pretty much started singing a solo until my mind came back and i realized i was the only one singing. sheesh! haha

That is exciting gma and gpa (lolo & lola) are moving to hawaii, kind of jealous :) but that is so fun! how are my favorite niece and nephew? is anyone pregnant? ;) people can get pregnant now, because i only have 9 months left:) so get to it people!! hope everything else in the family is going great!

We have a solid week of no activities, just work. so i am excited to get back into the work for the last week of the transfer. i have loved this transfer it has been fun! I love this work. I love the beautiful people of the Philippines. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve in such a wonderful country. These people love Jesus Christ and I love being a representative of Him. I love bearing my testimony a million times a day. The spirit is so thick as a missionary I love it. I could go on and on about how much I love my mission, but i don't have enough time :)

I love you all,
Sister Curtis