Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Maligayang Pasko!

Merry Christmas Family,
BEST PRESENT EVER WAS SEEING YOU ALL!! Oh how I miss you!! Well family, you are all beautiful! Sheesh. It was hard to say goodbye, but then my comp skyped and it was good to meet her cute family. Her mom was taking notes! so cute right? Haha!! I was laughing so hard. What a good Christmas on my mission, honestly.

After we skyped we ATE! That's it. Our first appoint was all seafood. I actually like seafood now crazy right? I am so happy. It's really yummy here. Then, we ate soup with chicken feet in it. i will attach the picture. Then a dessert that is rice ha ha and then a feast at our last appointment. I am STILL full. ugh. So fun. We had to go in 7:30 pm because there are so many drunk people on Christmas so then me and my comp made a music video to David Archuleta. Best thing of my life.

Christmas was so great! Thank you family for everything. I wish everyone could see the huge smile i have on my face right now as my mom and lori are emailing me about Parker! haha that kid is the best!

i love you all, merry christmas enjoy your break!!
sister curtis