Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 & Pregnant

Kallie isn't the only one pregnant!! I am, haha i am getting a little sister curtis jr. next transfer!! :)
everyone in my zone keeps calling me nanay which means mother! haha so funny.
the ap's called me and told me i will be training next transfer. i kind of wanted to die when they told me that. especially now that i have 2 areas. but it's fine. we'll see what happens! Surprisingly i am not too stressed out. i just pray my headaches go away.
the coolest thing was i had to go to trainer's meeting on monday morning BY MY SELF!!!! So scary. I could have taken a taxi all the way there and done it like an American would of, but i did the scary way and took jeepney's all by myself! It was so scary & I hated being a lone!! But i made it safe no worries :) sister aoina is training too! Yay!
new year's eve was the craziest day of my life. our curfew was 6 pm. remember how nothing in the philippine's is illegal? yeah so imagine world war 2 outside but ten times crazier. we went to sleep at 1030 cause we were exhausted and woke up at ten minutes til 12 and i honestly was worried i was going to die. i felt like the japanese came and were bombing the philippine's. so me and my comp got up and and said "yay happy new year" to each other with our eyes barely open and then went back to sleep. we have no idea how we fell back asleep. ha ha so funny. then yesterday was january 1 and we just did a lot of member visits and ate! also we had a family home evening that was so great. i'll attach pics.

we had a really cool lesson with one of our new investigators kim. she is amazing and will serve a mission. we played the joseph smith dvd for her and then me and my companion bore small powerful testimonies to her. i just bawled when i looked at her and was talking about joseph smith. she is only 21 years old and so cute! the spirit was so strong. we played it in english for her because she didnt have a remote to change languages and its the first time i have seen it in english for a while and i just felt the spirit so strong. we asked her how she felt after the lesson and she said, "happy and peace" i loved that! please pray for her.
tonight because my comp is getting transfered we are going over to our branch president's house for dinner. the Del Val's where i skyped. i am so excited she has the best food!! i love them. i am so sad to say goodbye to my companion. she is the best. and not to mention, she is gluten and dairy free so everytime we get dessert or yummy food she can't eat, she gives it to me! :) my next comp probably won't do that, dang it. oh well maybe i will loose some weight. haha the elder's tell me if i loose any weight i'll look really ugly. but hey i worked out yesterday! of course, that is my new year's resolution. haha oh and get married ;) just kidding.

i love you all, happy new year!! i hope everyone has a wonderful new year's day and year!! I can't believe i will see my family this year. it's crazy. LOVE YOU!
Sister Curtis