Monday, January 7, 2013

1 year? What the..

Where did the last year go? Honestly, i didn't remember until my parents emails said it. Haha! happy 1 year to me.
So I am training. Oh my gosh, its so exhausting. Oh and remember how i have two wards? Thank you Spirit. Honestly, it has been so smooth i only went on splits twice in this new area last transfer and i remember all of it! It's definately the Spirit. exept this one time i thought for sure i knew where i was going. we go into this house and i ask if we can come in and share and they all gave me weird looks. but i didnt think anything of it cause hello, one white girl, pakistan, and filippina. so then i am like being my crazy self and asking them who are members. turns out we got the wrong house! HA! i dieddddd laughing. the kind of dying when you are trying not to laugh so you just start crying instead ya know? kallie knows what i am talking about. but thats just how nice filippino's are. they just let you inside even if they dont know you. so hilarious.
I am so tired, oh my goodness. Elder Brevard, how did you do this 3 times???

i am in a tri-some. one from pakistan and my trainee is sister quinco. so cute. her boyfriend is serving in Utah so she is practically American. Ha. I told her i am going to go home and visit him for her. she was a little homesick the first couple of nights. I honestly, don't remember how hard it is at the beginning. i know i struggled but can't remember. i only remember fun times. but anyways she is great!!

we had a really great experience. in our branch, we have 15 names. they are our focus family names. they are all in active families that we want to rescue. well, our branch president put this family on the list after praying about it. i was kind of annoyed because they hate missionaries and are super inactive. last night, it was like 8:30 and we had time for 1 last appointment. I am trying to work my trainee really hard so she will get focused in the work! ha but i had the impression to go to this family on our list. When we got there i just tried to be my crazy self and not talk about church too much. well, they invited us in and we shared. the women completely opened up to us about why she is inactive, why she stopped going to church, etc. After she was baptized the ward just completely forgot about her. We thanked her for being so open to us and just testified. It was the coolest experience. At the end of our lesson, she told us "the day will come when i will come back to church and it will be soon." I just looked at her family and told her so many blessings are waiting for them if they come back unto Jesus Christ. I told her I am not going anywhere and we are going to help her come back. THEN SHE INVITED US BACK TO HER HOUSE! Cool right? I know. I loved it.

i just laugh every single minute of the day. my new companions are hilarious. my one companion is from pakistan and her english/tagalog is hilarious. she tells me about her country and everything is illegal. its illegal for men to do dishes. whhhaattt the?? she tells me "ya, its ugly there in pakistan" haha so funny.

my headaches have been a lot better. yesterday when we were going home i told my comp "wait i haven't had one headache all day!" i think i am too busy to think about myself. ha ha which is a good thing.
that's all i can think of today, love you a lot!
Sister Curtis