Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome to February

Hello family!

i am in marikina city right now, it's famous i guess for their shoes. so that is what we are doing today, shoe shopping!! i have only used 2 pairs of shoes my whole mission and the ones i have on right now have big holes in them! i will send a pic. my feet are like black when i get home from the streets. gross right? 

one morning at 6 am my comp got up and turned off the fan and turned the lights on (i have no idea why) so i woke up and asked her what she is doing and she went to the bathroom. so then i try to fall back asleep and i hear, "meow, meow" i was like what is that?????????????????????? i get up and look under my bed and there are 4 KITTENS!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I was terrified. Then, i like scream and wake up my companions and they were like "30 more minutes" so then i get in bed with my trainee haha cause i am so scared.  Turns out, cats have been coming through our windows (we have screens!!) and eating out of our garbage and using our house ha ha. i immediately texted the senior apartment couple and told them what happened, and i asked them to bring "Cat spray" haha spray to kill cats. i guess that doesn't exist ;) anyway, we made our trainee take the kittens out and put them outside and then the mommy and daddy came because they heard their kittens and started hissing at us. we were sooo scared they were going to kill us so we locked all of our windows and doors! haha this really nice old guy outside our house scared the cats away and took their kittens away. don't worry, we are all safe! (but last night i forgot to close my window again and the cats came in oops. my comps weren't too happy haha)

we are making a lot of progress in our little branch. i love it. we had like 25 less actives come to church yesterday. it was really great.  i am really seeing how faith works and trusting in the Lord.  I love this work and loving my areas.  training is still hard and exhausting, but really great. it keeps you on your feet. sorry my email was only really about cats. i am really tired haha 

i hope everyone had a really good weekend! happy birthday mom & parker again!

talk to you soon!
S. Curtis