Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Beautiful Blonde in a Sea of Missionaries!

As we dropped Shelby off at the curb, we were so nervous that they would not allow her siblings and niece and nephew to get out and say goodbye one last time. We had heard that they didn't allow it and that it was so rushed and insensitive. Our experience was the exact opposite. We were ALL able to pile in our big excursion, get out and help her with her luggage, and give last kisses and hugs and wipe away last minute tears as we sent her off. As she walked away, I could just see this beautiful blonde head inter mixed with all these dark suits and sweet missionaries. I knew she was joining a powerful army and I was finally ok with letting her go! She turned and gave one more farewell wave and off she went. She was ready! She was strong! She was AMAZING! We love you Shelbell!