Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yay one week! Holla at your sista

Hey everybody!
I am doing my laundry right now, it's soooo confusing. and weird doing it in front of the Elder's. Today is my p-day and we got to go to the temple! It was amazing. We woke up extra early(waking up is hard and going to sleep at 1030 is hard too) to go to the cafe and eat(because I HATE the mtc food and I had NO idea there was a cafe in the temple-so seriously I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited to eat real food) BUT it was closed SO SAD! But then we just went to the session and then after we got an amazing brunch. K the Temple is so great. I was so emotionally through out the whole time. I just sat there realizing that I am going to bring people not only to the Gospel and Heavenly Father, but to this amazing Temple. I sat in the Celestial room just so proud to be a missionary. After, I went to go put on my badge and it was seriously the first time since being here that i was so excited to put my badge on. I felt so good about what I was doing.

Anyways, remember when I said I am not coming home til I am fluent in tagalog? I am NEVER coming home. Taglog is so crazy hard and seriously I think "what the heck I am not smart enough." Haha but its okay. it will come. People are so nice here. Everyone walks by and says hello in the language their learning or thank you or other sayings..of course tagalog is the COOLEST. So I say, "kumasta po kayo" or salaamat! so awesome. Too bad that's all i can say!! So remember the story of our fake/real investigator? he turned out to be our awkward! We taught him like 4 more times, but apparently now you teach way more in the mtc so we will be teaching a lot more fake investigators that actually seem real. One of the districts in our zone got their flight plans, i got so depressed. That will never be me i feel like.  I am meeting so many cool people here! Everyone is from all over the world and its crazy. I wouldn't meet them in highland for sureeeee. My knowledge in the Gospel is totally transforming. its awesome! I love learning more.
I am the most spoiled here by far. Thank you for all the letters and packages!! K mom, so I have lost about 8 pounds here, my stomach looks tiny. i like it but its cause all i eat is salad. like literally. I HAVE CAFEPHOBIA! Fear of cafeteria food. its a real phobia. PLEASE send me food. One night I cried cause I was so hungry. Dramatic enough?? Yeah I am good on popcorn, SO YUMMY but parker sent me soooooo much so no more popcorn for a while. maybe like real food? umm DAD! Loved your letter. this is what I thought about it "hahahahahahaha" the RHOBH part was THE best thing ever. but no more cause it makes me miss my dramatic reality TV and sitting on the couch making you and mom watch it with me. and congrats on the town home!! woo!
congrats on parker becoming district leader! I actually know what that is. Yay Parker! you rock. EVeryone loves Parker here. The girls call him "beautiful" especially my soamons:) and the elders think he is hot. they drool over him. one of the soamons carries his picture in her scriptures, i told her that she could have his pic til she leaves which is next week. haha the mtc is making everyone crazy! including me. haha  Anyways, I loved hearing from ABBY. OH WAIT!
write me woman.

oh mom guess what???? Good news...My anxiety is gone!! Its amazing not having it. I don't have any more homesickness either. the prayers are working. now just pray that the tithing rate goes up to go towards the mtc food. seriously. i have been spoiled with amazing food my whole life so i blame my family for my cafephobia. mom send me food PLEASE. ha i think i have asked that like a million timess

brett-happy birthday sorry i forgot! i was a little busy.
how was targhee??
mom put all my emails on my blog and send them to everyone people keep writing me telling me they want to read them!!
abby will you send me my setting apart blessing??

I have loved my time here so far its been so great! I learn something new everyday. Whenever i speak, i always think about the tagalog word first isnt that cool?? I will speak tagalog one day!!

i love my pamilya so mabuti!! :) i love you all so much and i miss you. send me pics through email and videos. this elder showed me all his home vids his family sent me.

oh really fast..ahh 3 mins left. i have a stalker. his name is elder manwill. he talks to me constantly, high fives me, flirts and its so inappropriate. so my district leader told him to stop, then he wouldn't so now my teacher is going to get involved. ah so sad and scary! oh and EVERYONE asks me why i am on a mission? don't i look like a the typical sister missionary type?? I think i do :) hahahahaha yaaaa right, shelby needs to leave and more sister curtis needs to come in. but its hard. k i am done guys!!

got to get going. sorry for the late email. write me lots guys!
mom remember i am in leopard. love you babycakes.

sister curtis!