Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sister Curtis's First Email from the MTC!


How is everyone? I am doing fine! The first day was great, until the end. I cried to my companion when I showed her all my pics of my good looking fam and my stud missionary. Food here=NASTY! Seriously so gross. So I don't eat it but then every morning and night I feel SO sick. Oh well. I'll be fine. My companion is sis aoina (a-ween-a) and she is somaon from NEW ZEALAND. She is great. I really like her. She loves me. She asked me to give her a make up class so I took VERY advantage of it. Took out all my make up and spoke like I worked at mac. Ha ha shelby is still here. AND She even asked me to straighten her hair..hahahah so i did. THEN she is wearing the same outfit as me. Okay love it.  Umm what else. I only have 25 mins left. Think shelby. So i got this massive package from the cutest elder brevard. Uhh thank you so much!!!! best thing ever. i loved all my letters. Kallie and Mom? K totally cried so hard when I read them, in my class, for the elders to see. how embarrassing. Thanks ranelle for the sweet package too! the somoans in my room loved the cookies so did I. okay so my district has only 5 people in it. me and my comp, then a trio companionship of elders. from austrailia (he couldn't be more annoying) canada, and arizone. They are kinda nerds ya know?? But i love it cause I never have been inadequate. I live in a room with 5 girls. two somans, one's mom jsut died so sad :( and a girl from Colorado she is CRAZY. and a Phlippino! Yay she tells us all the crazy things abourt the philippines like huge rats in your room and bugs and cockroaches. So ya i don't sleep very well. My comp snores, mom you know how I am about snoring, so i don't sleep. or eat. haha i am a mess. my anxiety is so bad in the mornings and nights i hope it goes away.

MY p-days will be every friday. I see a lot of people i know here. OKAY COOL STORY! Last night we had to teach  A FAKE/REAL investigator a lesson in TAGALOG!!! not english. Tagalog. So scared. I was shaking.
Remember I have only been here for 2 and a half dayssssss. Our lesson went SO GOOD! I SPOKE IN TAGALOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ASKED US IF HE COULD MEET WITH US AGAIN. well, I think thats what he said ;) jk. it is. we were so happy. I wanted to give him a kiss haha we said yes and went out side and I CRIED! okay i'm such a baby, no wonder sister missionaries are freakkkkssss. after the lesson my comp said he was looking at me the whole time, i didn't notice cause i was looking at her the whole time cause she was doing most of the talking. oh well. if my looks get people to come to church who cares :)

K please keep writing me it seriously is so great hearing from everyone. Pray for me, really I need all the prayers I could get. My body is acting weird I want it to go away. Mom my jaw hurts still every day. UGH. Oh, I love my zone. AND my teachers. They are great. We have gym time every day my comp hates it haha but I make her play sports with me...cause I AM SO GOOD! jk. all the philippions missionarys play volleyball we rule. Its so fun. and I am pretty sure I am sore. So anyways, I do feel like I am in prison, We have these cards that let us into the rooms and they sound like jail cells opening. so scary. Kaitlyn brunsdale is RIGHT NEXT door. YAY! we love eachother. she comes and snuggles with me every night and we talk about how our days went. its great! The first night, I was crying in my room and she said she had a feeling to come in so she did and she made me feel better. She cried too. Ha we are freaks. I think I have learned more in the past three days than my whole life. my brain is going to die i think. Everyone says the middle weeks go by fast, i am seriously praying for that!

Dad, I love you!!! I hope you are doing okay with out your favorite child. I am safe for nine more weeks just remember that!! I miss snuggling with you and Mom remember when we did that the last night I was home? haha
Mom, LOVE your letters and emails. You seriously are the best mother ever.  I think of you all day. Everything that happens to me I want to text you or call you about!!! I just love you. thanks for sending the package to p-money. I hope he gets it soon! i miss that kid.
Bryce-freaking write me or i will be mad.
you too abby and brett and livy and owen :)

what else....i don't know ah! 13 minutes. who knew i was such a horrible typer. k that is probably all for now! I love my pamilia soooooo much!!! I miss you guys and I will be honest, i am so homesick. my own bathroom sounds so nice right now because i have to share with 697979797 other girls. yesterday i forgot to bring towells i have never had to bring so much to shower in my life its annoying. and girls are nasty gross. oh well its great. at least i have a shower riiiighhhttt??

love you guys!!!!
i'll write more next friday! sorry about all my typos, mom fix them before people see this ha!