Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas & my Farewell...

Christmas was so good! Kinda depressing because I won't be here for next years, so my presents were a little boring but I got more excited to buy for my family.  
We now draw names and buy for one because our family is expanding, but this year I decided to get everyone a gift.  It's for next year too. 
We didn't take a lot of pictures of opening presents but here are a few of the day. 

gingerbread house competition boys vs. girls 
{boys won-we let them win}
 {the babies love Papa}

My farewell turned into such a good day.  I got so many compliments on my talk. All of my amazing friends and family members came to support me.  I just loved seeing everyone.  My mom and some of her lovely friends made tons of yummy soups, salads, rolls & desserts.  My whole family worked hard to make it such a wonderful day.  I am so blessed! 

{my cute pajamas Parker got me}
& the best part of the whole day? Skyping with Elder Brevard. He looks sooooooooo good! Love that kid. 
love that face!