Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Cute Letter!


 17 months left. isn't that weird? it makes me sad and nervous ha ha, i know its a long time but like one whole month is gone from my mission! in other words, i lasted ONE MONTH in this place!

Okay, this week was really not that eventful. I feel like yesterday was Monday so i don't really remember what has happened. Sunday was fast Sunday. Here the cafeteria's are closed so you actually have to fast all day 2 meals. ha jk. i always do. so i just prayed and prayed i wouldn't be hungry and that my stomach wouldn't growl. Sunday we had personal study time in the class room, then interviews and meetings. Because I am the coordinating sister i had to attend all of them. In one of the meetings it was me and like 70 men. jk like 8 but i felt so dumb. I was there representing two sisters haha why do I even have to be a coordinating sister (p.s. a coordinating sister is like the head sister of the zone.) We all had to stand up and talk about our districts and i had to talk allllll about the sisters. I stood up and said, "well where do i even start, there are so many sisters i loose track" or something funny like that. haha i said "well me and my companion are great" and sat down. hahah so funny.

 After that we had mission conference. its two hours and its like a devotional but the mtc presidency spoke and it was soooo boring. Good thing i had fun elders around me that just kept me entertained the whole time with questions like "sister curtis how much money would it take for you to shave off your eye brows" or "did you know you look a lot like the girl off tangled?" Then we had study time again, then sacrament meeting. it was cool cause it was just testimonies and i didn't share mine and all the zone leaders that stood on the stand kept telling me to get up. but i didn't. maybe next month! My sweet companion did and it was awesome.

Then we had temple walk. But me and my companion couldn't cause her leg so we went back to our room and took a nap. Ha is that bad? Dinner was the best part of the whole Sunday. We had devotional after dinner and then I can't really remember. But there you go mom that was my fast sunday! :)

Proud parent moment for you..on Tuesday night after we have devotional and then district overview of the devotional the branch presidency's wives come to our rooms to see us and talk to us. My companion wasn't in the room but the Branch president's wife, Sister Anderson (whom i just love and we just click) told me her and president anderson were talking and i guess pres anderson told her "that sister curtis is doing great things, she sure is a 10"! isn't that awesome!!! I was so happy. And guess who was in the room and heard that? Sister Canty. Hahahahahaha yes. You know i loved that.

2 out of our 3 districts in our zones got their flight plans. SO DEPRESSING. Except I don't know Tagalog yet, but once i saw those papers I got the worst anxiety. I keep counting down the weeks of the mtc..but then like i actually have to go to the Philippines and be a real missionary and try and teach REAL people and speak the language FOR REALs. Uhhhhh. I am forgetting my mission doesn't end march 13. it starts.  hahah

 Last night we had TRC again where we teach real people and we have 2 lessons of 20 minutes. All in tagalog. they are all like byu students so it is way fun! Our first lesson went way good. Then our next lesson went horribly for me and i forgot every tagalog word, plus any spiritual things and i just felt HORRIBLE! My companion saved us but I walked out so frustrated. We were walking up to our room and i was like, "I just want to cry" and my companion goes "me too". except she rocked it so i don't know what she was thinking! We sat in our room with our teachers and they asked us what was wrong and I told them we just want to cry cause we are girls and thats what girls do. So then our awesome teachers watched us cry about how frustrated we were with the language and they gave us such great advice and quotes and made us feel so much better. I love my mtc teachers, they push us but its only for our good and then when we are sad they know exactly what to say!

did you guys know there was a 6.9 earthquake in the philippines? i was in the bathroom and this cute little senior missionary asked me where i was going and then she told me! AHHH! I am going to die in the Philippines. Jk. but could you find out where and what happened and email me about it? That would be great. So i can sleep at night. sleeping at night has gotten so much better! Except, my mind is still blown from the day so all i think about is tagalog words, and my investigators, and what i want to email my family about. they have yoga here i think i should do it so i can relax!

My companion is getting better with her leg. We go to physical therapy twice a week and she can't play any more foursquare so she just stretches while i play volleyball. the doctor said her leg still doesn't seem normal and if it still looks like that in 2 weeks then she has to get surgery!! Sad! That means, she may not leave with us in march!! noooooo. Pray for her!

So one of the teachers here went to manilla and she is so cute. she was telling us that $20 american dollars is like 1,000 pesos. She said that she spent like $200 of her own money her whole mission isn't that awesome! things are so cheap. She said she would get pedicures like every p-day they are like 50 pesos or something which is like $1 here! And she said they are nice pedicures! so fun. I told her my parents are taking me and my husband back and she said that it will be so cheap except for the flights! so awesome!

Dad-okay hello credit card. Salamat! Thank you thank you. But i'm scared to use it. what should i even use it for and how much? I eat at the temple every week and its like $6? should i use it? Let me know! I loveeeeddd your letters!! you are the sweetest to ask about my companion and my district!! they all were so happy. I will email you or mom a list of some goodies we would like :) I will write you this week too. oh did you give boots to erica? i haven't gotten them yet?

mom-you are just the best blogger. i am so happy. even though i can't see it im so proud of you!  :) I haven't seen alicia yet that is so cute about the ups store! you make friends in the ups store when you have a missionary! i keep looking for her! I see one of my friends from high school every now and then

and she told kaityln that it makes her day seeing me! aww i love that!

how is bryce doing? and brett with my car? kallie and dan seem great!! Abby wrote me and it was the greatest thing ever. remind her to send me pics of her kids!!

Lori sent me cinnamon rolls sooo yummy! i shared them and everyone loved them. I told everyone they were from my mother in law haha

tell ann and karen that i loved the package they sent me! sorry it took me forever. tell them i will write them soon!

will you get my friend ashley's email? mom she sent me a bridal shower invite for carissa's shower so sweet huh!!

i love you all so much!! have a wonderful weekend and week!! write me lots. we love dear elders and its easy so just send me like 5 everyday from each of you ;)

love you!!


sister curtis