Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Amazing Sister Shelby Curtis!

kumasta! hello! this is suppper longo.

The whole month of February I wil be in the MTC. Ah. That's crazy. So everything has been really good lately! Week 3 came super fast which suprises me. We do so much during the day here, I feel like the days will never end. Then it's already Friday my p-day. I could have cried last night I was so happy it was p-day.
First things first, Tuesday night at 7 pm I was in the same room as Russell M. Nelson AND ELDER HOLLAND! Ya. Be jealous. Let me tell you how this went. EVERYONE had been saying the Prophet was coming (it was the 50th anniv. of the mtc) so all day everyone was going crazy. People lined up starting at 4 to get in. Because it was the anniversary, they invited over 200 guests so we knew we wouldn't get a seat. They had over flow somewhere else. We lined up at like 5 to stand and wait cause I seriously thought it was the Prophet, and just waited and waited. I met theeeee funnest, coolest people. It was so fun! Then the line starts to move and people start like trampling over eachother (the elder/sister rules those couple of minutes were completely out of the window, I am pretty sure someone was touching my butt the whole time) haha jokelong. So THEN they shut the doors. Umm hello? They missed about 2000 missionarys. This IS the mtc. WE ARE THE MISSIONARYs. Who are they going to speak to? So anyway, then these cute little old men say "internationals come first, you have seats" We were all like dang it!! I'm freaking american! BUT THEN I look at my not so american companion and umm light bulb! She is international and she speaks samoan so we were golden. We rush up to the stands saying move we are internationals (everyone kept saying no you aren't sister curtis you are from utah hahaha) and we got a SEAT! Huzzah! We sit in our seats, not knowing who is going to speak to us. Then it gets really quiet and everyone stands up..hmm elder holland comes in and is followed by russell m nelson. It was dead quiet. I got chills all over my body and the spirit was so thick. It was the most amazing feeling ever. The talks were great but they were all about the history of the mtc and I didn't really care? is that bad? The girl who gave the closing prayer at the end got to shake Elder Holland's hand. Everyone was like "Oh" when she did. Then we all stood up and waited til they left. AFter devotionals we have district meetings where we talk about how it was. i cry in each one when i talk because every devotional is fantastic. the pres and his wife were in ours and i told everyone how great i felt when those two men walked in and if i felt that good, i can't even imagine the feeling of meeting our Heavenly Father. Waiting in line to hear those two talks, was better than any movie, any roller coaster ride. Such a great experience.

anyways, things are good here. dad the subway was great. I am sending pics today but just my please save everything on that card and send it back. or just save all the cards and delete it.
my clothes are getting so boring. ughhh. mom maybe send me some more clothes. i need more options!!
every elder here loves my hair. one day someone said, "ugh sister curtis did you brush your hair today?" you know i thought about that ALL day. boys do not know how to act around older more beautiful women ;) anyway, so now its all a big joke everyone always says, sister curtis we love your hair today. haha its funny.
wednesdays are so busy here cause all the new missionaries. i try and be nice and act like i am cool, wait no i am cool cause i have been here for almost 4 weeks! so i always tell them they can do it and they think i am really cool. ha ha
so one of my kinda teachers told me that when she was coming home from her mission she cried and begged to stay and said 18 months isn't long enough. i seriously laughed out loud. if i have to wait one day longer than 18 months to see parker and my family especially parker, i will cry too.  haha weirdo!
OH ok every thursday night we have TRC its like training resource center or something like that and its where rm's who speak tagalog come and we teach them. they aren't pretending to be investigators or anything they just come ot speak tagalog well guess what! we got an older philippino woman who barely spoke english. i was sweating cause i was so nervous. and guess where she was from? QUEZON CITY! woo hoo! she was bundled up in every piece of winter garments she could find. theeeeeee cutest little lady i have ever seen. i jsut wanted to kiss her little cheeks. but i asked her, "do you miss the philippines?" and she said no not really. uhhh thanks lady?? that makes me happy. haha but she was so nice. it made me want to go to the philippines right then. then i remembered i can't speak/understand tagalog. then i wanted to stay in the mtc forever.

it has taken me 3 weeks to realize how great the spirit is in the mtc. every day i feel it and i get promptings and its amazing. i have never been like this in my life. susan purdy wrote me and said, "you will never live your life like this ever again so enjoy it" its true. i will NEVER wake up at 6:30 am and study church all day til 9:30. haha so i am trying to enjoy this time. next week is my 4th week but the mtc counts it as my 5th week! crazy or what?? anyways
so mom happy birthday!!
so parker happy birthday!! i thought of you two ALL DAY! :)
DAD!! congrats on getting a job haha now you won't be bored..and the town home i can't even believe it! so awesome. your welcome for being obedient so you get blessings. haha joke long.
okay so that is the COOLEST thing about kyrina combs! oh my gosh. that just makes me so happy and  ten times happier knowing it as a missionary. so wonderful pleaseeee tell her congrats and the gospel is like theee coolest thing ever!

so my mission has banned...tracting!!! isn't that awesome? our teachers get updates so they told us we will only be doing street contacting and member referrals which is seriously an answer to my prayers. YAY!!

MOM-tell ALL my cute friends who have written me that i will write them soon and i love them!! i just have no time! i will try so hard. but keep writing me friends! :)
things to send me if you want cause people ask me what i want:
i would love more clothes, no bake cookies? maybe more food? we have a microwave here but that's it. so anything microwavable, maybe more nail polish (nothing bright that would take the spirit away of course hahah) i just finished all the popcorn so i'd love more ha ha, gum please! i know its not allowed but my teachers let me. the blue kind please! also, i need a lantern? i have no idea if that's what it is called but its to put my id missionary card on it so i can have it around my neck cause i always loose it. no like thick sports team one just a thin one if you can find one?
 bryceee- i pray everyday you won't learn a language haha its the worst!!! i envy english speakers. but get excited bryce cause missions are great!! :)

one last story, it just happened. so on thursday afternoon my teacher brother ward acts like our investigator omar. and omar hates me i think cause i speak english haha and ALL omar says is..ano ano ano ano ano? which means..what? haha so freaking frustrating. so i was mad. and acted mad the whole day like a little girl cause i could. and he pulled me into like a teacher-missionary meeting and asked me how i was doing. i told him i am so frustrated with myself and so we set goals. my goal was to SYL (speak your language) they say if you syl from the beginning you will be semi fluent when you leave here. have i been syl-ing? no. so i told him i would try. weelllll folks, today we met with omar and i pretty much taught the whole lesson. i spoke wayy slow and thought about everything i wanted to say. perpekto. haha and i felt SO good after. he pulled me out of class again and gave me a big high five and told me i did really good. then he asked me to bear my testimony on syl haha so i english. haha i will be syl-ing my little heart out now! :)

i love you all so much. i miss you guys but i love it here. yes i just said i love it here. its sooo up and down but its good!!
mom you are the best. tell our cute fam i miss them!!
have a wonderful night and weekend! yay friday night wooo partay.not.
Sister Curtis :)