Friday, February 17, 2012

A Fast Week for our Sister Shelby!

this week was really fast.

my tagalog is coming..slowly. on sunday we had a girl pass out in relief scary. it was a crazy thing! but she's fine. on tuesday night i got FRONT ROW to the devotional and it was Elder Clarke of the seventy. me and another girl were on splits or whatever (our companions were together at the residence getting something) so we just sat there saving seats and this old cute guy comes up to us and asks us if we wanted the front row. so we took them! all the elders were shaking their heads cause sisters get everything haha. but it was awesome! such a great devotional.

last night at trc me and sis A made a goal "hindi ingles" no english. so we had 2 lessons of 20 minutes and we didn't speak any english! it was so awesome. last week i cried to my teachers about how sucky i am and then last night we were pretty much philippino's.

i saw casey hammond he's the cutest and loving it here so tell his mom he is good!

my valentine's day was really good! i decorated my whole door thanks to you mom it was so cute. everyone was getting so many packages and letters!

i spiked the volleyball yesterday and this guy was blocking me on the other side and i spiked it over him and then everyone was like "oooohhhhhhhhhh"  hahahaha so funny. i was so embarrassed. like seriously i can't wait for gym everyday to play. its all tagalog and japanese speaking missionaries so its constantly those two languages talking the whole game so funny. our language is cooler though!

what else? i have no idea..this week came too fast that i don't remember anything really happening.

i thought for sure sunday i would speak and my companion said she wouldn't so she didnt prepare a talk and i did and then she got called..lesson learned!

all the districts are leaving monday and tuesday i am sick about it. i love all these elders! they are the best i will miss them! we get like 40 new elders/sisters coming in though next wednesday so it will be fun to get to know each one..for 3 weeks.

okay crazy..not really ready to go yet! i am so scared..but really excited too! REALLY worried about the flight there..17 hours? what the! but i am SO excited to real real food at the airport! like burger king and mcdonalds..REAL FOOD. haha just kidding gross.

our roommates are leaving monday so they are packing and stuff. they are going to thank you. philippines is way cooler ;)

its not hard to see them leave..i actually want to carry their bags for them and carry them to their shuttle. (well maybe just one of them)

my companion has so many "islander" friends here so we just sit with a bunch of awesome islanders at lunch and stuff and i am the only white girl hah so funny!

i can't really think about anything else that happened sorry..i thought it was wednesday yesterday so i am all mixed up.

family thanks so much for all my wonderful packages/letters for valentine's. i had the best day. and i have the best valentine ever! i felt the love for sure!!

hope you all miss me terribly and cry everyday and your life is SO boring without me ;) just kidding.

ABBY! i can't belive you got an ipad for valentine's day! garron is such a smart man! i am jealous!! with the concert and that sounds like you had such a fun day!
tell bryce to write me and tell me about his life and to be a good kid!
love you guys!!
Sister Curtis