Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I remember thinking, wow I can talk to my family on Mother's Day and i will be in the Philippine's. Crazy it's come and gone. I loved loved loved loved seeing and talking to my family. It's weird everyone is still there, and alive and stuff. I have looked at a picture for the last 4 months and it was weird to see you all moving and alive. haha 

The morning before we skyped I bawled to my companion. I was curling my hair and just like, "no i don't want to see them" cause I thought it would make me so homesick. But It was great. That day, I got really inspired to work! It was such a good day. This past week was really fun. Temple day was great. Besides the fact that my hair was orange and white, but don't worry (parker) all is well. it's brown and pretty. Everyone has told me I look like kate middleton, ya know the princess?? I love the philippino people. Haha 

We have been working really hard lately. Like I just wanna die each day cause I am so tired. But I love my area. Our area is massive and we just got news that half of it is turning into a different zone. I wanted to cry when they told me. That's mostly all of our investigators!! But they will all be baptized before June when the bounderies are active. So that's good.

Happy Birthday this week Bryceeee-man. I just love you! I can't believe you are 17. I am so happy you are my little brother!! Have a good birthday in the carribean. For my 17th birthday I was in hawaii! it's a great way to celebrate it. Love you!

So yesterday was Mother's Day and in our ward the young woman did a musical number. Don't you worry, it was a Boyz II Men song and they brought in a cd player and the people were singing in the back round while the y/w sang over them. I was laughing the whole time I couldn't stop. But all the y/w were bawling. haha cause they all just love their mom's. Seriously everyone was crying to these y/w singing to boys to men i just love it. It's the philippine's and that stuff is allowed ya know? Ha. 

So last transfer me and my old comp were walking from an appointment and this kid comes up to us and said he used to be taught by the missionaries but stopped and he missed the feeling of them teaching them. OKAY. He is sent from God seriously. So me and sis O have been teaching him. He is the greatest. His name is Bok and he is 24 and so so nice and just loves what we teach him. He is one of those investigators that everyone tells you about that is "prepared and ready" I didn't think those existed, but they do! He is one of them. I keep telling my companion he needs to be a member and have the priesthood he is so great! 

the other day i opened my desk drawer and there was this nasty smell, and i was like ewww gross. oh there was a dead lizard on my books decaying. what the?? it was so gross. I screamed. 

So today we had zone p-day and we went to "stair way to heaven" its exactly what it sounds like. a massive stairway and i wanted to die. jk. it was so beautiful!! we will do it when we come back mom and dad. i kept telling everyone stairs makes your butt toned but they didn't care! haha we got up at 5 am...ahhh so early. after the stairway we went to daranak falls. okay i thought it was just like a tourist site, no its like a water park but a huge water fall. everyone is swimming, families are everywhere eating lunch and it looked so fun. the water is so clear you can swim in it and its beautiful. Ask me how homesick all 10 of us were when we see everyone swimming and having fun and we can't cause its bawal!! Ahh so homesick. I thought "wow I can't do this for 14 more months" uhhh oh well. It's fine. But I thought of raging waters and how i miss that place! there was this tiny little snacks place and i thought of the resturant and how i don't miss that place haha 

So i am like dead right now emailing cause remember i woke up at five?? So i love you all! this week is going to be really fun, we have zone interviews tomorrow and temple tour on Saturday. have fun in the carribean family. don't tell me about it. haha it will make me so crazy. LOVE YOU all!

Sister Shelby Curtis