Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stressed Out.

Hello family! 
so our area "cogeo" has gone from 4 sisters down to 2. Our area is MASSIVE! Okay. so stressed out. Between the four of us sisters we were bringing in 50 less actives to church every week, and our ward here isn't progressing. Callings aren't happening, people aren't getting the priesthood, there is no temple and etc. SO our president decided to take 2 sisters out until things start happening. He texted my bishop and told him to get things in order, which is great. But everyday we are in a new neighborhood meeting new people. We have Less actives, investigators, referrals, members and all them to look after. its a big job for just 2 sisters. needless to say, i don't sleep at night and there isn't enough time in the day. We are trying to get people to the temple and if there is no temple prep there is no reason for 4 sisters, theres no point. hope that all makes sense. 

My week was hard. Adjusting to a new companion. I went from having THE best companion, to my new one but she is great and I know I will learn a lot of things from her. I got to go to transfer day which was way fun! I got to meet a lot of missionaries and hear from our president which is always really great. He told me to start making things happen in the Cogeo area. I feel stressed out. I AM STILL A TRAINEE! Remember? Ha Ha we have a lot to do this transfer. But I love this work. I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday about "blessings of service" it hit me hard that I love serving. I didn't before, but now I do. I love missionary work.

I got a letter from Parker on transfer day. BEST thing ever. He told me his heart pounds so hard thinking about the day he has to take his name tag off, because he loves that little name tag. It's crazy because that's how I have felt ALL WEEK! I love love love my name tag. I hold onto it while I bear testimony and I get excited putting it on each day. It's a privilege wearing it. People look at me first (cause I am a white girl in the philippines ya know?) and then they look straight at my name tag, and see my name and Jesus Christ's name. I love it. 

Yesterday and the day before our door bell rang about 4 different times and it was always little kids begging for money. Its not allowed we give out money but we can give out food. I get SO mad when little kids come up to us-not because they ask for food but because they have to. Where are their moms and dads? I have never begged for food and these little children of God shouldn't have to either! I hate it. I cringe every time our door bell rings :( 

Not a lot happened this week, because of transfers. Our zone is so great that only one person got transfered. We got a new district leader. He's awesome. Our zone is really strong so I think they wanted to keep it strong! I have a really fun mission. Every transfer we have temple day, zone interviews, zone conferences and temple tour! I feel really blessed I am in pqcm! Its definately hard. Count your blessings you are in America, but i love it.

Missionary work is so great, i just love being a missionary. i love teaching. we went like 3 days without teaching because we had p-day temple day and other stuff and i missed it so much! i love being in a tiny little shack sharing the gospel with bugs crawling on me. haha i love it.

congrats kallie on graduating!!! So proud of you. everyone take care!!
Sister curtis