Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my hair is white.

yep it's white. let me just tell you how this great p-day has gone. temple day yay! but well, 
woke up at 4 to the most annoying alarm ever, its the worst feeling when you wake up and look at the clock and it says 4 am and its not a joke. like you really have to get up. well our zone and another zone all rented a jeepney and took it to the temple. we got the first session. we got there at 6 am. it was great! i love love love the temple. then after, me my comp, our district leader and another elder went to the mall cause i wanted to get my hair done..ya know cause i am in the philippine's and still worry about my roots. 

well. just. wait.

they died my hair orange. then i cried and complained (philippino's dont usually complain, but don't worry i am the crazy americana that complained) then they bleached my hair and its white. so i called the president's wife cause i knew she would understand and called to her and said i am having a mental breakdown! haha i think that woman thinks i am crazy, but now after we email we are ALL going to a really nice salon to die it brown, sorry parker i will look ugly for the next 14 months. don't worry the two elders stayed with us the whole time and made me feel a lot better. and they are going with me haha i would have died if elder lim wasnt there! he's my brother in the mission. i am wearing theeeee ugliest headband right now and i tell everyone i see "dont worry my hair isnt staying like this" no one can understand me. but i just want them to know-ya know? oh my gosh i am going crazy haha

anyway, now to things that actually matter.

this week was CRAZZYYYYY. Woke up tuesday morning with a text from our ZL saying "good bye zone i am getting emergency transfered" two of our elders got transfered in the middle of the transfer so that was sad. then, president texted us and said "hello sisters, sister delamare will be working with you today" so scary. i told her "remember i am still a trainee okay and i don't speak tagalog" it was great she was wonderful to be with. it made me miss my mama. i miss you mama!! 
thennnnn, wednesday we had the "traveling sisters" come on splits with us and that was scary. they are like the ap's of the sisters. but it was really good and i learned a lot!! i cried to the one i worked with because i just feel really down like i will never be as good as anyone else. oh well. 

sorry my emails are like never spiritual i promise i actually work hard i just like to tell you all the funny things that happen. like my hair is white. 
the work is going so great. i love it. i love all the people. seriously, i love these people!!
but, we work with so many less active's and sometimes i feel like i am babysitting. if we dont visit them they dont come to church, and then they get mad that we dont visit them because they looovveee us. i don't blame them.
but oh well, i really really want to stay in cogeo for like 6 months like really bad. i told the a.p. to not transfer me. i told him to tell God not to transfer me. is that sac religious?? haha oh well! i love cogeo.
my companion told me that one of our zone leaders told her I get skinnier every time he sees me YES! thank you. i love him!! haha except all i eat is bread, so if i am 1,000 lbs when i get home thats why. okay..what else? 

i can't think of anything. oh family can't wait to talk to you guys!!! its going to be great. i can't believe friday morning i get to see you guys! ahh. so exciting. love you all so much.

talk to later!!
Sister Curtis