Monday, May 28, 2012

best week so far!!!

magandang umaga po! 

this week was so good. went by super fast. we had so many activities. we have like no money left cause we have to pay our electricity bill and its outrageous! but the lord takes care of us! we had like 3 dinner appoinments and a wedding reception! so fun. 
*next week i won't email til wednesday, which is tuesday for you

at our dinner appointment, i went to scoop rice on my plate and ants came crawling out of the rice. like 3 or 4. yummy right? don't worry i still ate it. for some reason i just don't care ya know? 

yesterday in relief society, ya know i can't understand anything but the lesson was on prayer and the sister goes, "we pray everyday, especially for our sister missionaries in our ward to not get raped" UHHHH??? what the!!! YES YES please pray for that. so scary. everyone just nodded their heads, so scary. but don't worry that won't happen! 

we went to the manilla temple for the sealing of the couple in our ward. so cute. it made me want to get married, but in america. anyways, the couple's family aren't members so we gave them a tour and my comp did most of the talking, but then i bore my testimony and i just cried. what the. its crazy cause when you are next to that wonderful building you just feel the spirit so strong of the temple. like hello how can you not want to go in there? everyone was crying. i spoke in english but told them its a beautiful place inside and i feel so peaceful and warm there. i told them its the closest place i feel to my heavenly father. i love the temple and SOOO grateful all my family are members so they can all go inside with me when my special day comes..cough cough next year. jk. anyways focus shelby. 

tuesday i got sick. the first time. i woke up with like all the sinus stuff everyone said its from the weather, one day it rains and is cold then its super hot. i think they were right. so all morning i just rested. and our elders in our district brought me medicine so sweet right! but then i just had a huge headache and the elders were like, can we give you a blessing? ha i was like..uhh i have a headache but they insisted. i think they like the practice. but then seriously the next day i was healed! power of the priesthood. i still have an annoying runny nose. 

we had a baptism on saturday so fun. they are so cute, hazel, hasin, and hershie (like the candy bar) ha so fun. 8,10, & 11. i'll send pics. that's all i can think of. i love you all and pray i won't get transfered cause i love love love cogeo. it's the celestrial kingdom of the mission. i want to be assigned to "cogeo" mission. ha!

Sister Curtis