Monday, June 11, 2012



I really don't know what to say this email. Usually,  I am super prepared & organized and I write down things that I want to say, but this week was fast and feels like i emailed you all 5 minutes ago.

love my new companion. she is helping me with the language a lot. i kind of feel REALLY spoiled on my mission. i have had THEEEEE best comps. Oh no, the trial companions will probably come soon. pray for me. our new zone is fine..kind of boring. like i kind of want to die cause they all speak in tagalog and laugh and i can't understand. me and another elder are the only american's so we just talk all the time.

i got some new skits from UKAY UKAY its like D.I. but way more ghetto. all the philippina's get their skirts there. i got theeee cutest skirts that don't make me look frumpy! Anyway, i was getting ready and my companion's told me "sister curtis you are too skinny, you need to gain weight-that's not sexy" HA. Umm YES! here, girls want to be chubby not skinny, like all the models are chubby here! so funny. but i was so happy. my roomie said to me, i will show you how to gain weight. umm no thanks! i think i am sexy. haha. i am still a missionary, still a missionary.

shoot, what else? okay one of my kabahay's (roommates), the sister i live with. she is kind of the best. she speaks the most hilarious english ever. i am helping them with all their english. anyway, she speaks english to me sometimes. last night she plucked my eyebrows for me and we talked about my love life. best thing ever. then she told me "sister curtis don't get married to young cause the rice is so expensive" HAHAHHAHAHAHAH i was crying i was laughing so hard. but she said it in tagalog and its ten times more funny in tagalog. oh my gosh.

I have the best Dad in the world. Happy Father's Day! I just love you and so grateful for you. I respect you ten times more being out here on a mission. Haha. it's true. You are the best DAD!

that's it. love you all X 10. & i love this gospel. My Heavenly Father has given me so many blessing the last 5 months of my mission. Everyone count your blessings. Name them one by one. Jk. But seriously, I love this work its so hard, hot and exhausting but the experience i am having here its indescribable.
sis C