Monday, June 25, 2012

This is Hard

hey everyone,
sister curtis here. i really dont have a lot to say so its going to be really random.
so sometimes i can understand people, like people will speak tagalog to me (you know that crazy language) and i can understand and talk back. its rare, but sometimes i think wow! i understood. proud moment for you mama.
i think i am in my gethsemane point of my mission. i dont know how to spell that. but its like umm really hard, and exhausting, and tiring and i feel like i will be in asia forever. k happy i could get that out.
a mission is really hard. spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.
last night as us four were riding on a tricycle the tric has to go up a huge hill and everytime we ride home i always think, "this tricycle will not make it" and it usually does. well last night i said it outloud as i was riding on the back hahaha with no seatbelt (dad don't freak out) and the driver couldnt really make it up the hill so he turns the steerling wheel and we go on 2 wheels and we almost fell over. but don't worry we just got off and walked up and we were fine.
people here don't get married til old and there are so many cute single girls here that need husbands, so i tell them they can all marry brett. and they all say "does he like philippina women" and i just say yes! so brett you have a million ladies here if you want them. they are all going to add you on facebook. Ha
i am getting my hair cut today cause it is too long. i have never said that in my life. my trainer told me the promised blessing of hard work is having your hair grow and its true! i love blessings!
we had zone conference last week and it was so fun! i loved it. i looked around the room and there were like 30 missionaries and i just felt so strong as we were all in the same place with one purpose, to do the lord's work. its a cool experience when you are apart of it. even though this has been the hardest 5 months of my life, its truely rewarding when you have amazing experiences or when you help people. i love it and grateful for all that's come my way.
love you all a ton!
sis curtis