Monday, July 9, 2012

happy 6 months to me

its come. the first 6 months. i kind of can't believe it and i will stop counting after tomorrow but i am so excited! and happy year mark to parkerman. kind of can't believe he has been out for a year!! sheesh. its all so exciting. i'm so excited that i am going to treat myself to pizza. well mom and dad you are ;) congrats on my dad's new calling in a byu ward so awesome! so scary about the fires..please be safe. i have gotten all the wonderful emails with so much love and support thank you so much everyone! i love all of you.
so this week was really good. this month i am focusing a lot and it helps! so i want everyone to know how happy i am. honestly, last night i was laying in my bed and tears ran down my face as i was thinking about all the great people i get to serve each day. i am so happy as a missionary. even though it is so hard, its so happy.
so okay this is the cutest story ever: one day me and my comp were talking to a member on the street that we saw and these two cute little girls who were in cute little uniforms came up to me and started talking to me. it was so cute! they are the cutest girls ever! they asked me about america and my name and all that stuff and then one girl asked me in tagalog, "before we go can we give you a kiss?" umm SO CUTE RIGHT? pretty sure that is illegal in america for missionaries but not in the philippines. they gave me a kiss on my cheek. ever since that day i have been praying for those girls i don't know why i just love them. then me and my comp were walking down the street and i hear "atay atay..atay sister" atay is older sister in tagalog and i look and it was THOSE girls riding on the back of a tricycle waving so hard. i was sooo excited!! i love them. anyway so cute right?
just barely, we went to the temple. so great. me and my comp are now at the mall but on the way here we rode in a taxi and my comp rode in the front seat and she is so cute and talking to the driver about how families can be together for ever and our purpose and i am singing my guts out in the back because i love music and i was like, no one can see me sing its ok. oh my gosh. i am the worsttttttt. but my comp is the best.
next week is transfers. the 19. i'm so scared cause i think i may get transfered. but i would love to stay with my comp for one more transfer and in this area. even though i climb a mountain everyday and i want to cry!!!! but i am so scared to get transfered! anyway, love you all so much. as in, like so much i love you. i miss you too. be safe and have a good summer!!
sister curtis