Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm proud to be an American

happy 4th of july!

this was another hard week. monday after i emailed and got out all my frustrations ha ha we went to a FHE with a family that i just love. Both of the parents are RM's and we had a lesson, played games and then ate. Before we left, they both bore their testimonies of how their mission shaped their lives and how grateful they were for it to prepare them for their next mission. life. They asked me to bear my testimony about my mission and i just poured out my testimony of this great experience. Even though I was struggling so bad that day, Heavenly Father needed to let me see the blessings in my life. So i bore my testimony of my mission. Since that day, everyday i've born my testimony of my mission. Either someone asked me to, or that was the topic of the lesson. Isn't that cool? Heavenly Father knew I needed to count my blessings. I have really come to know that Heavenly Father knows us individually and knows us way better than we know ourselves. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. He's my best friend on my mission.

A couple of days ago, we went to a Recent Converts house. She was baptized in April and I just love her. I honestly think I came to the Philippines for her. She was struggling so bad that day so we went inside and she just cried to her. She has a hard home life and she is living with her aunt and her family arent members. She is 19 and has no job, school or money. I just sat on the ground with her holding her and just cried with her. I told her we are her sisters and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knew she was struggling and sent us to her. I just rubbed her hair and scratched her back while she cried like my mom would do to me! I hate how these people i love struggle so bad and I cant do anything. That night I forgot all about my problems and realized I needed to be more grateful. Its cool when you think you are having it hard, then you focus on other people and your struggles become less serious. I love that about missionary work.

Another sad story, one of my favorite less active's Pam, her baby who is only 4 months is so sick. and getting medical help is sooo expensive. well because our area split into 2 she is in my old area, and one day my comp was sick and i did not want to sleep all day so i went on exchanges and worked in that area. I loved it! we went to Pam and she just cried to us about all the trials in her life. I just cried with her and knew i was there for a reason. see, again Heavenly Father is trying to make me count my blessings. I cant even imagine the kind of stress she is under with no money, a baby sick, and her husband is away at work for months at a time. she has no one. We taught her that Heavenly Father is mindful of her and He loves her. I taught the lesson in english cause she can understand hallelujah. But i just feel so bad for her. These people here are so strong though with all their problems.  

have a good week everyone. next week i will be in the temple, I am SO excited. I love love love the temple. I kind of cant believe i have driven past a temple all my life everyday and never really noticed how lucky i was! We are so blessed to live in utah!

take care,
sister curtis