Monday, July 30, 2012

Scary Experience


i am emailing you all so late. but there is a reason. a couple of days ago one of my roommates had a crazy experience with satan with her less active member. we all were really scared about it and earlier after district meeting, the zone leaders and us sisters went to this house to cast out all the bad spirits. people, i did not believe in this stuff before and thought these people were crazy. i can't really talk much about it but it was honestly the craziest experience i have ever been apart of. we are all shaking and stunned still. everything is fine now, but the adversary is real. i didn't believe in it but i do now. but i believe ten times more in the power of the priesthood. if i have any advice to the men in my life it is so always be worthy. if these awesome zone leaders were not worthy we couldn't have just had a miracle. one day i will tell you all about it. i am honestly so grateful for the priesthood in my life and the true church.

anyway, so this week was great. another great week! loving my new companion, and roommates so much. i live with an american and all we do is laugh. I am remembering things that are funny in english and how funny I AM! ha ha its the best. bryce i explained to her about coach whats his name, the youtube and how we would laugh so hard all the time at those and we laughed for so long as i was explaining him and the way he kicks his leg! haha

so in a lesson i was explaining the gospel of jesus christ of course in tagalog and instead of saying, after baptism we recieve the gift of the holy ghost, i said we recieve the gift of tongues. hmmm think i have prayed for that gift like EVERY SINGLE DAY! haha so funny. they are kind of the same right?

I had a "i want to be a missionary forever experience". one night we went to our last appointment Joann and she is a member, active but her husband isn't. she always wants the missionaries over cause she loves the spirit they have, but her husband is always gone so they haven't been there for a while. so something just told us to go there. so we knock on her door and she started bawling. she said literally, 5 seconds before we knocked (well you don't knock on people's door here, you said people! really loud haha) she was so depressed and said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father if He loved her, and if He did then why don't the missionaries come? Isn't that cool. I love helping people so much!

so my new area is the most peaceful place. i thought i would be in the city my whole mission but i see like RICE FIELDS and mountains and beautiful green land all day its amazing!!

we had district conference yesterday & saturday our area is only a branch and district so anyway, pres & sis delamare came my mission president and it was so great to be with them for 2 days and here them talk! those people are so great and spiritual and even though they speak in english everyone in the room receives the gift of tongues and can understand. honestly, its so cool how fast and strong they can bring the spirit in.

yesterday i taught a lesson, and prayed so hard for the gift of tongues and i UNDERSTOOD everything!! i walked out of it and was like..WAIT! i could understand! hahaha i told my companion and she said that she could tell i understood! YES! we are moving along people-we are  making some progress!

i love all of you! sorry my life is busy and i have no time ever. sorry i am such a hardworker and all we do is work. haha sorry im so humble. our district leader sends us texts every day and tells us how amazing we are cause we are all working so hard, its a great feeling!!

love you all!!
Sister Curtis