Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm getting transfered​..

Today in district meeting, our zone leaders told us and I am shocked. Honestly, I didn't think it would happen but its all good! I am excited to see the mission. I hear once you are out of your first area it gets easier. Let's hope so. OH MY GOSH I can't believe it. Tomorrow at 530 am we are all leaving to head to the chapel for transfer day. its crazy. i have to pack uhhhhh. anyway, it will be cool! 4 companions in 4 transfers.
this email will be short cause i will email on monday. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAL!!!! I love you!!! I hope your husband spends a lot of money on you :)
So everything has been really good lately. It was my comp's birthday yesterday so we celebrated and had a ward FHE in the mountain of our area. SO FUN! Philippino people are so fun. 
BIG NEWS: On tuesday, i boiled water for the first time for my shower!!!! I CRIED IN THE SHOWER CAUSE IT FELT SO NICE AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH
seriously. i told my kabahay's "i loved that, as tears are running down my face" i think it made me superrrr homesick. I kind of cant believe my whole life I have had hot showers.
Cute story. I hope parker doesn't get mad at me for saying this. So ever since I have met parker he always would blink really hard at me. He told me his dad used to do that to his mom and it means "i love you" so parker constantly does it. I love it. So one day we were at a cute newlywed's house for dinner and i blinked really hard at her for something i can't remember and i told her it means i love you. Well last night at our FHE she told me her and her husband do that now. They go to the temple every week (because they are trying to have babies and go to the temple for blessings ;)) and during the temple they will look at each other and blink and say i love you. HOW CUTE? They just got married in May and i love them! SO Cute right?? Parker don't get mad at me for spreading that tradition!
thats it i will email monday! LOVE YOU!!
Sister Curtis