Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elder Bednar, 2 American's & Krispy Kremes

Sorry i am a day late. We had temple p-day today. guess what time i woke up? 3:15 AM! that is not a joke. i fell asleep in the temple and the sister next to me had to wake me up, then she fell asleep and i had to wake her up. horrible. my whole zone made fun of me that i fell asleep..DUHHHH if they didn't make me get up so stinking early i wouldn't have! haha
i may fall asleep when as i write this. oh wait i can't cause 1,000 philippino 12 year olds are blasting music in this tiny computer shop playing computer games. sweet. 

so guess what? Elder Bednar came to our mission. I was second row. He was amazing. It was like a workshop. He looks old though, but definitely my favorite apostle. One day when i come home i will tell you all about it. But one thing he said was (as we had an open question and answer session with him) "the most important thing i did to prepare to become one of Jesus Christ's Apostles was getting married and creating a happy marriage" he said you have to create a happy marriage and it doesn't just come with getting married. Then he said, "now no one get trunky" ha so awesome. He is AWESOME! 

I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Cope. From MARYLAND. She is American. I knew I was getting an American. So, i have a lot of responsibility leading this area, getting my Tagalog and dealing with an American. She is great and a hard worker. But I WANT A PHILIPPINA! I don't like American's. Ha. It is a hard adjustment. Oh well. sister Curtis change your attitude.

We just got back from MEGAL MALL. I kind of have the biggest head ache ever. it is the most hugest mall i have ever been in. And i think i might have spent all my money. ha! BUTTTT I got krispy kremes! yummmmmy! my companion got a crepe. Good thing she likes food as much as me! 

TRANSFER DAY! So every transfer day we have the exiting missionaries (the missionaries who go home in six weeks) bear their testimonies of their mission. Remember my old companion sister Dela Calsda? She is going home Oct 11 and so she bore her testimony. Well, she got up and spoke a lot about all the great things she learned on her mission..then she got all teary eyed and went silent and talked about ME! WHAT THE!!!!!! She was like, "last transfer i was with sister Curtis and she taught me so much and i am so grateful for her" stuff like that. She was crying. EVERYONE LOOKED AT ME! It was so embarrassing. in front of the whole mission. Ha but how sweet?? SO happy she doesn't hate me! I was like grabbing sister Weller's hand squeezing it because i was hoping she wouldn't say "i hated her blah blah blah" ha! so cute right? I went up to her after and gave her a big hug! so cute. 

people listen! 5 people in my zone got transferred to MINDORO!!!! the island in our mission where they don't even have running water i guess. Sister Weller went to Mindoro! her face when they called her was so shocked!! then a couple others. Everyone who is in this zone Morong, has either gone to Mindoro or went there last week. I DON'T WANT TO GO THERE!! i tell president Delamare every time i see him, "president i will die in Mindoro please don't send me there" and he tells me its up to God. I will DIEEEEEEEEE. pray i don't get called their! pray hard!

sorry these are so long. my life is just really exciting and cool right now ya know? i love missionary work so much. i can say it now...I LOVE MY MISSION. it only took 7 months for me to say that. Bryce read that. it took 7 months to love it. but its possible! we are working a lot with the "upper and middle classes" and not so much the really really poor people in the Philippine's so we can get some good leadership in the Philippines and help establish the church. does that make sense? but its hard cause rich people don't let you in. people with dirt floors and no money will let you in! SO WE ARE TRACTING!! guys. i hate tracting. so scary. Parker how do you do that everyday? its so hard, but its great! keep the faith.

i love you all and can't wait to see you soon. cause its Christmas. well at least in the Philippines. Christmas starts in September. we sing Christmas hymns already. duh. who cares i love it! love you all more though.

sister Curtis