Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

i dont know where september went. its crazy right?

this will be short cause nothing really happened this week. 

oh except we ran into our drunk less active this week. i just wanted to cry. i have never really been around drunk people except for my mission. Ha. i am innocent. but her poor kids had to babysit her and ugh. so annoying. alcohol is the worst. people dont understand they can have a great life and have fun with out alcohol. its one of the tools satan uses to destroy people and family. i hate it. 

oh and we were stuck with a married couple who were fighting back and forth and me and my comp just sat there stunned. my comp goes "well i think we should pray" haha then i prayed in english begging Heavenly Father to help these two people. I prayed in english so they couldn't understand me. he he. i will never be a marriage counselor in my whole life.

we had temple tour (where we take out investigators to the temple grounds and give them tours) and it was so great. i am so blessed in my mission because each temple tour you see your old members/investigators/less actives at temple tour!!! so i saw so many people from cogeo. and guess what? I COULD UNDERSTAND THEM! they all were telling me they were so happy for me that i can speak tagalog now! yay! it was the first temple tour where i actually understood all the missionaries and their jokes and stuff. anyone proud of me? i still am no where near fluent but its coming people! unti-unti! 

this week will be fun. i am excited. we are going through the temple with the old man that is a ward missionary. Tatay Anselmo. He is 80 years old and is completely loosing it. but i love him! I have so many funny videos of him on my camera i will show you all one day. you will love him. I dont think he will ever die. people, he works with us all day every day. he has a p-day too. mondays. he is awesome! that's on wednesday, i am so excited!! 

i got the best package earlier from parker. and the best letters from all of you!! i loved opening the letter from my mom and money dropping out. ha ha its been a while since i have seen american money. i hope elder curtis is doing well in the mtc and bryce and abby feel better!! i love you all so much and love my mission. i love this gospel so much. everyday i realize more and more the plan my Heavenly Father has for me. i am grateful for my strong family that i have had my whole life and for their support. i am so happy in my life. even though my birthday is in two months and i will 22 and that is SO OLD!!!!!!! uh.

love you all,
Sister Curtis