Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Am So Happy!

Oh my gosh I am so happy. I got a million emails from all the best
people and it makes me so happy! Today is wednesday, it's our p-day
cause it is our temple day. We woke up at 5 am and left at 6 am for
the temple. we took a taxi with our district. yes 6 of us in a 5
seater, but its ok cause its the philippines and there are no traffic
rules. The temple is so beautiful but so tiny, so we got there at 7
for our 8 session and had to wait until 9 to go. so we went across the
street at the "Temple Hotel" and ate a buffet breakfast. so...rice.
yummy. not.

the temple was soo good. SO tiny. only fits like 20 in a session
together. and all these cute little philippino's trying to speak
english i loved it. it was so good to be in there as a zone i just
love my zone. i met a lot of missionaries and saw a ton i knew from
the mtc! so thats fun. being around other missionaries strengthens me.
its like "oh ya i can do this cause they all are doing it".

this past week was soooo good! i still love my companion and so sad
she is leaving next week! ahh. she cries cause she is so sad :( she
told me i have helped her with her self confidence..sweet huh? glad
she learned one thing from me cause i have learned EVERYTHING from

BEST story ever. you will love this.
so one hot day we were walking of course and we pass this random
basketball game that has a million people surrounding the court and an
announcer. so i told my comp "i want to speak in that microphone" haha
as a joke k, so she goes over to them and tells them and they say "ok
ok one second" they STOP the basketball game and announce "we will be
taking an early half time break" and they hand me it and i go
"heyyyyyyy my name is sister curtis from america" and everyone cheers
so loud hahah and i am just laughing then i say something like "good
luck to the teams" something like that but everyone is just like
cheering and i was like going crazy and then i gave it back to them
and they resumed the game! hahahahhahahahahaha
and now whenever we pass the court they say "hey sister curtis i was
there when you spoke to us" isn't that awesome?? ya i am pretty cool.
hopefully that's not being disobedient.

on monday we had our district meeting and its our whole zone that
meets together and we have a workshop and stuff well president
delamare and sister delamare surprised us and sat in. so scary..but i
just love them. after we all go eat together so we went to "macdo"
haha macdonald's and they joined us! so fun. it was good to be with
them! he told me i will have a good next companion. YAY!

here in the philippines there is no walmart. barely any grocery stores
so we go to markets. my first experience in a market. i almost cried.
there are cut up animals everywhere and fish and nasty smells.
ewwwwwww. my comp kept saying "anak dont look dont look" ha

in relief society last sunday they brought "treats" i was so excited.
haha it was a bag of popcorn half eaten that they passed around for
everyone to take a  hand ful (remember how philippino's dont use
toilet paper)  and it was gone by the time it got to us. but they love
missionaries so we got more food. the bishop loves us we  are VERY
lucky to have such a great area with people who support missionary
work. in our meeting with the bishop we all talked about our
boyfriends and showed pics of them (yes i carry a picture of parker
around with me-dont worry i still work hard) and he looked at parker
and said "wooooooow" we all laughed SO hard. i love it.

last night in our last appoinment a less active lady who we just love
bore her testimony to us. we had just finished the lesson and she just
cried and said how she realized today the plan of life and why we are
here me and my comp just bawled. it was so sweet! i love that lady and
so grateful the Lord could help her realize that.
we had a baptism saturday sister cherry fe cute huh? she is 19. prime
investigator. does every commitment, loves us, burning testimony and
it was the best day every when she got baptized. we have one today at
4, francis he is 13 and the cutest. like i want to kidnap him and take
him home. i am so excited! this area is so "fruitful"

things are going great here. i will email next wednesday again!! love you all
mahal kita
sister c