Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God

hello po,
this week was soooooo good. we had p-day on monday and we had a district p-day so we went to the church and watched the restoration which i have seen maybe 1,000 times as a missionary but i cried and loved it. our district is the best. then TUESDAY we had zone conference. oh. my. gosh. we got up at 5 am (which was actually way easy cause its soo cool so you are excited to get up) and took a jeepney 20 minutes away to meet all the elders in our zone. then we were waiting for a jeepney to take us to the mission home which is about an hour ride and these members see a bunch of missionaries (there are 12 of us so we aren't easy to miss) and asked us if we wanted a free ride there. k there car is smaller than my mazda BUT we fit. my whole butt was asleep and legs and everyone was squished but it was sooo fun. members here are THE BEST! philippino's are the best. so then we get to the beautiful mission home and for our conference. it was really great, but so intimidating! ahh. i saw elder haws it was so good to see him, he goes home this thursday. i told him to say hi to utah for me. but my stomach was in knots the whole 8 hours we were there...i just feel so new and inadequate with all these great missionaries. but i learned sooo much. it was great! 

then we worked wednesday, thursday, and friday. saturday we went to antipolo to watch general conference. ok so you may laugh when i say this, but it was the first time in my life i was actually excited to watch gen conf. haha and guess what mom? I LISTENED TO EVERY WORD.  I am maturing! haha and i took notes. i wrote down 5 questions and they were all answered. i absolutely loved general conference. people here have to wait a week to watch it and have to travel 30 minutes away, plus its expensive. so count your blessings you get to watch it in your homes with your pjs on! i missed that a ton. plus i was hungry the whole time. our family eats the whole 6 hours of conference! but after sundays session my zone all brought food and we ate together. \

as i was siting there listening i was just overcome with happiness. i have so many blessings being here. an amazing area which everyone wants to be in, an amazing companion, great housemates that are so cute, great great zone and district. i need to count my blessings more. 

the blessing of the tongue (mom) still hasnt come. the ap's told me today if i eat ballute (the nasty egg thing) my tongue will be loosed. YAAAA RIGHT. guess i will never speak tagalog cause i am NOT eating that crap. oh i got mail today! YAY!! still no package. but one from my main man parker haha and two from other missionaries in the philippines (one sister from the mtc, and an philippino wanting to know how i am adjusting) we can send pouch mail for free here. 

so guess what? i went into a REAL house last week. we had a dinner appointment, i get SO scared for dinner appointments cause i am scared about the food. luckily everyone feeds us chicken rice and fish which i ate fish and i actually liked it..see i am growing up!! haha but it was so good to be in a real house. haha the food was soooooo good. 

we live with cockroaches. they are my best friends..not. i cant remember if i have told you this. but we live with them and ants. they aren't in my room just in our kitchen..ya know where our food is! we put everything in the fridge so bugs dont get them. even our toothbrushes. haha oh my gosh. only in the philippines right?

tell dad i am VERY uncomfortable. dad-be proud of me. i can't remember your lame saying about being uncomfortable but just know i am uncomfortable ALL THE TIME. I am really starting to love the philippine's. i loveee my area. i want to stay in cogeo for my whole mission. i dont want to go to the city where people have money and are rude. people love missionarie's here and welcome us so much. i love this church and have realized, "it just makes sense" everything about the church is just right. i love love love it. i am truely getting my own conversion.

i love you people!
Sister Curtis/"barbie"/"white girl"/"americana"/"joe"<---everyone calls me joe "hey joe" i have no idea why.