Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i made it 6 weeks! success!

I am proud of myself yay! 
this week was the worst week of my life. my mom left me! my trainer died. all those horrible mission phrases haha but my trainer goes home tomorrow and we said good bye last night. horrible!! its kind of depressing having someone go home in your house. transfer calls were this morning in our district meeting and just my district leader is transfering. our zone is really strong so i think they want to keep us together. we go to transfer meeting tomorrow when they announce everything i am excited. new comp and new start. i lead the area so i am nervous but i had a "practice round" monday and i spoke more tagalog than i ever have and it really helped so it will be great!

so last email parker asked me the craziest thing i ate and i said a cocnut milk from a coconut which is dumb cuz everyone has done that. so i told my zone and they laughed. so yesterday we all went to 7-11 and got yummy bread and drinks and bbq this lady was selling on the street. i got pork cause it looked the safest. then my DL said oh sister curtis try this is soo yummy its just chicken. so i did. it looked like a snake, well it was chicken intestines. YES. success. i ate something cool. they didnt tell me til AFTER!! it wasn't bad, just kind of weird. but i will eat cool things now, i just dont want to know what it is til after. so there you go parker!! 

i did my own laundry for the first time. we usually have a lady do it but i want to save money. its only like $4 american money but P200 here. it was tough work. and takes forever!! you use your hands to scrub and my hands were like bleeding. its weird you can live life without a washer and dryer. 
also, one day we woke up and our water was a light brown. yep you could see dirt coming out. well i was so sticky and sweaty that i didn't even care and i showered in it. i tried so hard not to get water in my mouth. haha i showered in brown water..i love my life. hahah its so interesting.
on our kitchen table ants are everywhere, but do i care? nope. i know i am weird. i think i have eaten a million ants not knowing it being here. 

one night after working all day i went into my room and laid on my bed, yeah there was a bird sitting on the cupboard of my closet. at first i laughed, and then i realized it was real and moving and alive and then i SCREAMED! and my comp came running and locked me out of the room and she shoo-ed it away with a broom. SO scary. there was poop everywhere. i did not do my own laundry that day haha 

this next transfer is going to be really fun i am getting excited! i will be excited not to be a trainee anymore. usually everyone is with their trainer for 2 transfers but mine went home so its going to be hard. i have to work really hard. i love love love missionary work. its amazing, and i want to be involved in missionary work forever. i love helping people and then seeing everyone come to church and feel the spirit. its so great. i have to speak in church on sunday on the blessings of service and i will do it in english.

i love you all and miss you!! spread the word, you can do more than you think you can!
talk to you on monday!
Sister Shelby Curtis