Monday, April 2, 2012

Sister Curtis's First Pictures from Quezon City, The Philippines

 These are the homes she and her companion go in to teach investigators.
 An investigator wanted her to sign her Book of Mormon. 
 This is Shelby's Apartment. I'm sorry I didn't flip it before I posted it. Still learning!
 This is Babylyn Saulan on her baptism day. Little girls have ALWAYS loved Shelby!
 Young Women from her area. Oh, and one smart young man in the back!
Shelby said to tell Parker that she promises she'll be prettier when they're married. I think she is glowing with beauty inside and out! 
 "Crocs can REALLY ruin an outfit"   Sister Shelby Curtis
 The view outside Shelby's window.
 What she sees and walks through every day.
 Normal houses in her area.