Monday, April 2, 2012

Not endure but enjoy to the end

happy birthday abby!! i just love you. hope you had a great day!!

this week was really good and fast. wait no, i lied it was the second slowest week of my life. haha the days are soooo long. maybe cause all i do is sweat and hike. but i love these people let me tell you!!
yesterday was sunday and it was fast sunday, fasting on a mission is the hardest thing ever what the! but anyway, i really wanted to bear my testimony even though thats all i do every minute, so my cute comp and housemates bore theirs in tagalog and i got up and told everyone i was going to speak in english. well i just bawled. i looked at all these cute wonderful people and really realized how much i had a love for them. i think i was so emotionally because i can truely say i love the people of the philippines. i told them "thank you for making me feel so welcome when i feel so far away from home". then i bore a testimony but it's sweet when you are a missionary you have so much love for people and especially when you serve them you learn to love everyone. besides their lack of hygiene or no teeth or no houses. haha

so this month is going to be awesome. we have zone conference tomorrow where we have to travel an hour by jeepney please google jeepneys, and our zone leaders are making me and my comp role play something in front of EVERYONE HELLOOOOO i have been here for like 20 minutes. i am not a missionary yet, and the pres, aps, and other missionaries will be there. please pray for me. oh well. then saturday and sunday we have general conference all day which will be so fun!! then april 18 is our temple day and then transfers are on 26 so it will be way fun!
SOOOO nervous for my new companion. 

I ATE AT MCDONALD'S!!! just barely. so yummy. the zone leaders bought me an ice cream since it was my first time!! haha so funny. i really LOVE my zone. 
p.s. mcdonald's invention ever!! if that isnt the biggest fat kid move to have mcdonalds delivered to your house i dont know what is!! hahah so awesome. 

happy birthday to parker's dad..i love that man and i hope to meet him one day! :)
and congrats erica and ty!! so excited for your wedding!!!

so sometimes i think to myself "i am in asia" then i find myself in the WEIRDEST places. like "i am sitting in a cementary in the philippines" things i thought i would never say in my life. so awesome! haha 

we had a baptism yesterday it was great, very casual here. i love it. his name is romeo and he is 12! awesome. his mom always cries to us because she is so happy we are there helping her. those are the times when i love being a missionary.

easter is like the end of the month i guess here fyi. ha 
well thats all i can think of! i love you family. thank you for all the support!!
mahal kita
sister barbie