Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Love to See the Temple!

Sorry so late, the ap's came to our district meeting and after games we all went and ate! so fun.

this week was hard. like lately i have just been exhausted so this week i need to re focus myself for the work. its hard when my companion asks me trunky questions all day every day it makes me trunky! haha 

so the highlight of this week was we got to go through the temple with one of my companion's old recent converts. it has been a year so she was able to go through and we got invited! we were so excited to get on a jeepney and have an adventure going to the city. two white girls making our way through the city. good thing i know Tagalog or it would of been impossible. but it was great!! it's amazing, because that is why i am here, to get people to make covenants. first baptism, then going to the temple. i love it! i saw an old family from my old area Cogeo, that was getting SEALED! so amazing! so happy Heavenly Father made those two on the same day so i could see them. I wasn't too close with them, but still excited!! AND GUESS WHAT? i saw my old companion sister Segovia the one i just had at the temple. she was just doing a sessions (i week after she went home ha ha she misses missionary life) and it was so good to see her. i had like tears in my eyes we were so excited to see each other. she didn't have a name tag.i never want that to be me! ill send the pic
THENNNNNNN, on the way home, we got off in a city before my area to eat dinner and got stuck in that city for 3 HOURS!!!! i sat in the rain, hollering down jeepneys (like they do in new york ha) for 3 hours and each time i looked back at my companion she was talking to a different person each time about the Gospel. HA! (if my dad knew i was in the Philippines late at night outside of a bar talking to random people-he would die ;) ) but the thing is, people are so nice here. and we are protected. we were about to call the ap's to come get us when our nice district leader calls and i am like basically crying to him and then the senior couples came and got us! but it was a good night!! 

we have a new investigator La Arnie. Her husband is abroad in China working, so they only see each other two weeks a year!! that is how EVERYONE here is. So Abby, count your blessings. But her husband is a member and active there and she said she wasn't ready for the gospel but now is. she is amazing. we showed her the Joseph smith movie and i think because she is so amazing Satan did not want our visit to go well. we had so many distractions, and then on top of everything my DVD was scratched! but at the end we both just bore short and powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith and the spirit came back in. i love her! she has a little girl and i just play with her each time we visit. 
we have a baptism next week. Ellen, she is 19 and is sooo smart. We had to move her baptism date due to some coffee word of wisdom problems, but in relief society she bore her testimony about how being off coffee has helped grow her testimony and come closer to Jesus. Amazing right? 

i hope everyone is doing great. i got so many emails one day i will write all of you. mom sent me some of her spiritual experiences, i loved that! i love hearing about them. the new temple is so beautiful in Brigham city!! i want to go there! Bryce looked so cute at are too cute bryceeman! your date is gorgeous! is she blind? JOKE! love you all. cool new car dad ;)

Sister Curtis