Monday, September 17, 2012

Pictures From the Mission!

 Shelby loved this cute cupcake girl; oh, by the way, Shelby loves cupcakes too!
 Their milk comes in a box and is not cold!
 A senior couple from America made their district pancakes! Shelby looks pretty happy about it!
 The rice fields of the Philippines!

 Shelby wants to bring them all home with her!
 Shelby LOVES the Philippine children!
 Just a normal Philippine neighborhood.
 Outside the temple; Shelby's favorite place to be!
 Stuck in the rain!
 Shelby inside the temple with a recent convert.
 Whenever there's an air conditioner, Shelby sticks her head in it!
 There's no stopping Sister Curtis! She'll try to convert anyone!
Shelby made everyone cookies!