Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends!

hello family i love you guys so much.

i had a really good week. me and my companion are doing good. she is a goofball but fun. we just laugh every day. we are kind of Dora the explorer each day too cause this area is big and hard but its all good.

 i got my first migraine on Wednesday. i didn't feel too good when i woke up but kept going and we got into a lesson and came out side and the light killed my head but i was fine. then within like twenty minutes my comp was like "you don't feel good do you" so she did the lesson and then on the tricycle ride home i just cried cause that's what us Curtis girls do when we are sick. we cry. ha then i slept from 3 to 8. and getting little headaches now, but its okay!! ibuprofen is my best friend. ha 

happy birthday to the cutest little 3 year old Olivea! i miss you so much Livy and cant believe you are 3!!!! i remember the day you were born. the longest day of my life. who cares about Abby like basically dying for ever and giving birth, that day took forever. butttttt now we have the cutest little girl!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! can't wait for your new little sister who is coming soon! congrats abb! just kidding. i wish. 

i feel like my mind is blank. what else happened?

really excited for general conference. i think every missionary just loves gen. conference on their mission. we are getting our investigators and less actives ready for it and it makes me excited. being in the presence of an apostle a couple of weeks ago i really have a testimony that we have the right authority on the earth today, and we have the truth, and the true church. i love being able to tell that to people and share my testimony. i love becoming closer to my Heavenly Father and developing a strong relationship with the spirit. this has been such a blessing in my life. i love the Philippine's and these people! i hope every one can have missionary experiences in their lives. love you all.

send some of the fall breeze here! we need it! like i cant imagine how you guys don't sweat all day..that blows my mind. honestly. 
Sister Curtis 

p.s. i love the quote elder Brevard shared about faith. elder Bednar talked about faith and how we must be agents not objects. we must act on our faith and become agents of faith. he talked about how Joseph smith acted on his faith when he went to the grove to pray. Joseph smith not only asked "what church is true" but "what is to be done"  i love that.