Sunday, October 27, 2013

14 May 2013

hi family!
so good seeing you all, except for bryce and brett!
i just loved skyping! it was so weird doing it for the last time! but my family is so good looking. you are all so beautiful!!
we just got back from the temple. we woke up really early and the elders came and got us (cause we didn't want to be up really early when its dark outside by ourselves) and then we were waiting for a taxi when this random guy said, "for 300 pesos i will give you a ride to the temple in my van" so obviously we said yes cause a taxi would have been more than that and it was the sketchiest thing of my life. but it was ok with 7 missionaries. we had a really good session but i honestly just felt so stressed the whole time. i think cause i only have one more temple day and everything is coming to an end and reality is hitting me.
after the temple, the office elders came and got us sisters and drove us to banapple. its a really yummy cafe the AP's and office elders love. our zone ate there all together it was so fun! i'll send a pic. it was so YUMMY!! oh my gosh.
i can't really remember what happened this week but i love you family so much!! it was so good seeing grandma and grandpa! they are so good looking and hip. i am so excited to see all of you in PERSON and hug all of you. livy and owey looked SO big like owen is a man. so cute! and kallie's little stomach is so cute. i love my family and so grateful for all of you. i am so grateful for my mission! its the best thing i could have done at this point in my life.
love you all, i will email next tuesday (for me) again because we have transfers next week! i will bare my goodbye testimony in front of the whole mission(in english, so hard) and my zone is singing. i told them i dont want to because i am already participating in the program ha ha but they are making me. love you!!
sister curtis
ps i promise there aren't mangos in utah!