Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Easter

Hello family!

happy easter. i missed all of you. for easter morning me and my roommate s. houser made a yummy breakfast and celebrated together! ha ha Holidays are like nothing to me anymore, they don't even feel like the holiday! but then i spoke in church! My campanion went first, she spoke all in english and then i get up and only speak in Tagalog. So funny right? complete backwards. i told our branch some of the traditions we do in America! like easter egg hunts with money in them! that's really all i could remember. they just laughed so hard. then after church we had a missionary devotional and it was really good! our whole district came and we sang army of helaman. the senior couple spoke there and showed pics of their mission to help the cute old filippino's have a desire to serve. ok, being a senior missionary is the easiest thing ever. serving with your husband sounds ten times better!! haha 

remember how i got lice? don't worry its gone. but now s. houser has it!! ah! i have been picking it out of her hair for the last week. its like my favorite thing ever! 

today is Parker's dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Eric!! 

so listen to this. one day i was doing laundry (by hand) and the ZL's call me on the other sisters phone in our house. They call me like everyday for some reason! so funny, anyway so the other sisters in my house gave me their phone and i talked to them and set it down. well, it got water damage. these phones we have never break. honestly, i drop ours everyday and its fine. so then we put it in rice, (which actually the filippino's never heard of that HELLO they live in the land of rice) and it never came back to life. I told the elders they need to give it a priesthood blessing but they refused. haha! anyway, it cost me 1,000 pesos! what the heck!! that's like over $20 i think. then the next day the office elders brought them a new phone and that same day i lost OUR phone. oh my gosh. i am loosing it. i called the office elders and they were like "noooooooo sister curtis" hahaha shoot. another 1,000 pesos.i told them to hook me up and so hopefully i won't have to pay that much again! haha  guess i won't be eating this week ;) 

we have a baptism this week! i am so excited. his name is kelvin. he is 18 and really cool. isn't this week gen conf for all of you? that's so weird. its not til next next week for us. its my last one. so sad. everyone says gen conf is like ten times better on your mission. hopefully the prophet doesn't announce 16 year olds can now go on missions. just kidding.

love you all,
sister curtis