Sunday, October 27, 2013

magandang balita! good news!

wow! so much good big news.
1. congrats brett and ashlee on your engagement! i am so happy for you!! PLEASE wait til i am home to get married, thanks!
2. congrats to dan and kallie on your new baby GIRL!!!! I am sooooo happy its a girl!! kallie facebooked my branch president and he text me that, and i think everyone in the whole country of Philippines heard me scream. i knew first ;) 

I hope everyone had a great week!!! Sounds like you did.

i forgot to tell you about the new missions in the Philippines  there are 4. but my mission is not getting involved, which is good. it was split last year. i am so happy. 

we have a new foreigner in the house. love her! she is from castle rock colorado and knows brynn and casey! her name is shawnie houser. she is just like shocked! haha so funny. i am trying to help her get through her first couple of weeks.

i love my mission and time is so fast!! i only have a couple more fast Sundays in my mission, so i have been bearing my testimony each one in tagalog because soon enough i can't do that!! so sad. 
next week i have officially lived in asia for 1 year. cool right? i have hit my year mark in the field.