Sunday, October 27, 2013

new area new calling

hello family!

how is everyone doing? i am doing good. there was a huge shock last week at transfer meeting. we have this new leadership position in our mission its called trainer sisters. there are 4 of them. well at transfer meeting me and my whole batch bore our testimony and then all took a picture with pres and sister delamare because we are all going home together. then transfer meeting started and i was transfering so i was super nervous but not really cause its just 6 more weeks. well then they called sister Sabiano to be a trainer sister and announced i am the other trainer sister. you all should have seen my face. i was like sitting back all relaxed and then they announced that and i about had a heart attack. everyone was like.."ohhh" and screaming. ha ha super funny. 

so now we are white washing an area, meaning we are both new to an area and we have to work here without anyone showing us where to go. plus twice a week we go on splits with other sisters. and guess where i get to go??????????

MINDORO!!!!! the island in our mission. we get to travel!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! there is a beach there!!!! we have a meeting with president tomorrow and he will tell us everyone.

also, our ward is one of the best wards in the philippines i am pretty sure. so we have an amazing area!! there is still a lot of work to do. its not as hot here as my old area so i am not sweating at least ALL the time! 

i really like my new companion she is super great. of course, trainer sister. she deserves this a lot. we both confessed to eachother we were scared to become each others companion. she is super quiet and me..well i am not quiet. but i love her. please pray for us. we need it ;)

a lot of work to do the next 5 weeks. love you all!
take care!
s. curtis