Sunday, October 27, 2013

transfer week

this was the longest transfer of my life. literally. 8 weeks! but its officially 18 weeks until i am home. ah! 3 transfers left. 

i am not getting transfered. i am staying in my area again this will be my longest area of my mission! i am happy cause i love this area, but it will be hard to leave.  its getting really hot here! summer is coming!

we have been helping one of my favorite families prepare to go through the temple and get sealed! please pray for them! They have been struggling in their life with tithing and have been full tithe payers ever since we started helping them! Their goal date is in june and i hope they make it before i come home! we did an FHE with them last night and it was so great. They are so strong.  

I love you all family and friends!! hope you are surviving in the cold and snow! enjoy hawaii mom and dad!! we are super close now ;) just a boat ride away. 

talk to you all next week

Sister Curtis