Sunday, October 27, 2013

happy 14 months to me!

eah its been 14 months cool huh!!! 

so now its allowed to email friends thats pretty cool! the first presidency came out with a new white handbook and we get 2 hours on the computer to email! pretty cool. so now i have more time! so friends, email me! 

 i just found out that my favorite sister missionary, sister weller is engaged and i am so happy for her!! 
i got some good mail today! i love getting mail from the ward and hearing about what's going on! 

this week was really good! its getting hotter and hotter. i actually can feel it in the air that my mission is coming to an end. isn't that weird? i know its still far away but there are SO many people going home in our mission in the next 4-5 months and plus our mission president is going home and so i just feel like its going to come so fast. i don't know if i am ready or not. 

i feel like my little branch has completely changed. i don't feel stress when i go to church now! everything is going sooo smooth. its so nice for us! i never want to leave this area. i ask all the members who their favorite missionary is and they all say, you sister curtis! of course it is! ;) 

this morning at 6 am. yes at 6 am me and my companion and house mates went sprinting! a couple of the young single adults wanted to join so we all went jogging this morning. i thought i was going to die. honestly, but it felt so good and i already feel ten times more sexy. 

in our branch we have a lot of people who can't afford, or don't have white shirts and ties. can i ask anyone who has any extra or doesn't fit anymore or wants to give them to poor people in the Philippine's to donate them? would that be okay mom? if they aren't the right size they can sew them and tailor them! the culture here isn't really to dress up because no one has money but it would make it ten times more reverent. 

i really don't have a lot to say this week! i love you all sooooo much.

s. curtis