Sunday, October 27, 2013

it's MAY

this week was really good! soo fun. on thursday, elder ardern of the area presidency of the philippines spoke. he is so cool. i really felt inspired after. he talked to us about d&c 20:59 warn, expound, exhort, teach, invite. i just loved it. it was our whole mission who got to go except for the island, but so after of course we all talked to the missionaries and one of the elders in my batch was like,  curts go to the mission office down stairs we have presents! he had a paper in his hand and i knew what they were so i RAN down there! haha and my whole batch was in there getting our flight plans. i told them i didn't want them! but now its real. but anyway so see ya'll the 28 at 1:09 pm :)

the other day on the jeepney ride going home from an appointment, and me and my companion just started to sing hymns for everyone! haha then we realized they probably don't understand english so we started singing hymns in tagalog by memorization..we are pretty cool right? everyone looked at us and just smiled. they loved it! the filippino people are the BEST! 

the other day the ap's were driving us home from the mission home and we begged them to treat us to mcdonald's and so we went in the drive thru and we got stuck. they have like huge space cars here they are like huge vans. so funny i was like crying i was laughing so hard. all these nice people just got out of their cars to help us back out. the mcdonalds people were like hanging our food out of the drive thru haha so funny. 

oh shoot, so we had this service project on national service day at our stake center. there were 2 zones so like 30 missionaries. and it was so fun. we just talked about 72 hour kits and mostly just listened to music and danced. haha the brothers there gave me the microphone and i LOVE the microphone so i am like speaking tagalog and english to everyone so funny. it was one of the missionaries birthday so i got everyone to sing happy birthday! i love this country. i don't think any other service project would have been so fun. 

we had a missionary devotional last night and i got the senior couple in the office to come speak. they are the best. sisster harris told all of us when she first saw her husband she knew she was going to marry him! haha soo cute right? we were in the mtc together, and i know her grandson so he introduced me to them. so we like started our missions together. they do all the trunky stuff of the mission, like flight plans and etc. but they were so cute. they go home in august and i told them i will go to the homecoming. they live in highland too! 

last pday we went to the mall to get my filippina's eyes checked. well they both got their eyes checked and it was free so i decided too and it turns out i need glasses!! what the. i have stigmatism. i am so sad my companions just laughed and laughed at me. but i will just wait to get them checked at home. 

i really love my area! its really fruitful. i love the ward too, after being in so many hard wards and branches this ward is great!! the bishop lives next door to us and him and his family are so nice! they have the cutest kids ever. i can't wait to be with kids again and be able to hold them!! i can't wait to hold my nieces and nephew!

i love you family, try to have missionary experiences its the best feeling. 
i will email all of you next week!
sister curtis